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beneath the surface

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Like Texas, Louisiana courts have long held that slant well drilling is a form of subsurface trespass, for which a plaintiff may seek an injunction and drainage damages.
Release date- 22082019 - Schlumberger announced today that it will open source its data ecosystem and contribute to The Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) Forum to accelerate the delivery of the OSDU Data Platform.
Evenick provides geology students with an overview of the many different types of common oil well logs and applied subsurface maps, and shows how to interpret well logs to generate maps.
provides subsurface utility engineering, underground utility locating and pipe inspection and cleaning services to municipalities, government agencies, utilities, construction contractors, and engineering firms throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
Subsurface digital twins can be vital for assessing and managing risks in infrastructure projects, and to the planning, design, construction and operations of infrastructure assets.
Having a subsurface digital twin -- a 3D representation of the subsurface coupled with models to analyse and simulate behavior -- will be immensely valuable in all phases of the asset lifecycle.
The creation and curation of subsurface digital twins involves modeling the underground environment (geology, hydrology, chemistry, and engineering properties, and the underground infrastructure), and utility networks, structures, and tunnels -- and then analyzing and simulating the subsurface behaviour.
Bahrain-based Falcon Petroleum Consultants and UAE-based OGS FZE (Oil & Gas Services) have entered into a global partnership, combining Falcon's sought-after advisory with world-class expertise of OGS in subsurface engineering, production facilities management and turnkey drilling.
Barely living "zombie" bacteria and other forms of life constitute an immense amount of carbon deep within Earth's subsurface -- 245 to 385 times greater than the carbon mass of all humans on the surface, according to scientists nearing the end of a 10-year international collaboration to reveal Earth's innermost secrets.
They used the space probe's MARSIS (Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding) radar instrument to explore the 200km wide region on the southern polar ice cap between May 2012 and December 2015.
Emerson announced a long-term global agreement with Total to provide all Total geoscientists with access to Emerson's Paradigm exploration and production, or E&P software portfolio to help the global energy leader maximize performance of reservoir subsurface modeling and formation evaluation.
Temperature-depth profiles may be disturbed by both surface warming events and subsurface water flow [1, 2].
dfnWorks software represents realistic and accurate fracture networks for scientists to perform robust investigations of flow/transport in subsurface fractured rock.