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Synonyms for subsumption

the premise of a syllogism that contains the minor term (which is the subject of the conclusion)

incorporating something under a more general category

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The positing of internal and external constraints as licensing factors in lexical-constructional subsumption has two important advantages.
The lcm postulates that the integration of lexical items into argument-structure constructional configurations (called subsumption) is regulated by constraints based on conceptual compatibility and cognitive construal processes.
51), because, as seen by the paradigm of legality, there is no room for merits consideration of the State acts, but only for the formal syllogisms, by which merely investigates the existence of a possible subsumption between the act and the legal text.
This work supports the subsumption of Glochidion into Phyllanthus as the compounds reported here, especially glochidonol and glochidone, were also reported in many Phyllanthus species e.g., P.
While it is possible to draw passages from Capital which imply that the real subsumption will displace the formal subsumption by virtue of its superior labour productivity and, thus, its productive capacity, this does not seem to be a universal aspect of capitalist development.
Weber termed this rationalisation, the subsumption of all society's systems to the economic functioning of the state.
The examples above are extended instances of what Marx defines as real subsumption, (6) in which the enhancement of productivity and the decrease of the costs of workers' reproduction allow the capitalist to extract more surplus value.
Georgina Born cautions against reading "domination and subsumption into am and all musical appropriation" (Georgina Born, "Techniques of the Musical Imaginary," in Western Music and Its Others, ed.
"From Formal Subsumption to General Intellect: Elements for a Marxist Reading of the Thesis of Cognitive Capitalism." Trans.
Contemporary scholarship suggests a range of terms as more accurate descriptors of this transformative process, including appropriation, assimilation, blanching, and subsumption. (2) We can add terms like "translation" and "renaming" to this list, each bringing a slightly different perspective to the issue.
Subsumption test between question concept and domain concept determines candidate domain if a question concept has subsumption relationship with a specific domain concept.
It may not be a roman a clef but it's not avant-garde phantasmagoria either; some passages are little more than distillations from Duvert's critical work Good Sex Illustrated, a lively condemnation of the family's subsumption of child sexuality, and the adjective troubling would criminally understate this novel's relationship to reality.
Ontology Relevancy Metric (ORM) Ontology merging Metric (OMM) Hierarchical Structure Metric (HSM) Domain Specific Metric (DSM) Ontology Storage Metric The metric measures the relevancy of ontology at different subsumption hierarchy levels