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the basic structure or features of a system or organization

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Detecting substructure via gravitational lensing occurring in the Milky Way will be extremely hard.
The first step is to divide the engine into many substructures according to the dynamic substructure method, namely, the substructure modal synthesis method.
Secondly, the full inertance matrix at all the connections of the substructures is measured by the unit force at each connection for the substructure including the evaluation location.
Isolation devices can reduce the earthquake responses of both the substructure and megastructure effectively.
Extensive computer modeling was used in all aspects of the building design including the deep basement walls with high soil and surcharge loads, the substructure slabs with open and sloping diaphragms translating extraordinary lateral soil loads, NIH caliber vibration resistant lab floors, and high-bay post-tensioning design.
0 (McNeel North America; Seattle, Washington) to design the connecting substructure and the mold for silicone processing.
The development of new materials as well as the optimization of classical materials requires modelling, more closely related to the substructure of the materials under consideration.
The conditions of formation of the twinned substructure of the vacuum condensates of the FCC metals and the factors which may influence the thickness of the twinned interlayer is (density of the twinned boundaries) have been investigated in (6), (7).
Coverage includes the history of metal-ceramic restoration; dental porcelain chemistry; casting alloys for bonding to dental porcelain; metal-ceramic substructure design; spruing, investing, and casting; how dental porcelain bonds to metal; preparation of the metal substructure for porcelain; applying porcelain to the metal substructure; and adjusting and finishing the restoration.
Recent projects included major excavation and substructure works for the Selfridges and Debenhams stores at the Bullring, on which Mr Love was project manager.
Two concrete abutments and 14 concrete piers make up the substructure.
The Ingres Grid Option is a more flexible solution as it allows the LiveTime repository database nodes to attach to the storage substructure for more robust failover.
For the sonic boom research, a Navy F-5E was outfitted with a specially shaped ``nose glove'' and the addition of aluminum substructure and composite skin to the underside of the fuselage.
In addition, a NIST scientist completed dynamic measurements of a representative high-speed spindle to be used with a NIST-developed algorithm, called receptance coupling substructure analysis, to select the appropriate tooling and machining parameters prior to delivery of the machine.