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working as a substitute for someone who is ill or on leave of absence


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The researchers concluded that substituting walnuts for part of the monounsaturated fat in a cholesterol-lowering Mediterranean diet further reduced total and LDL cholesterol levels in men and women with high cholesterol.
Substituting walnuts for some of the fat in a normal diet reduces both total cholesterol and LDL levels.
Substituting chemically modified serines-even negatively charged or very bulky ones-rather than different amino acids didn't alter the color of the light.
Environmental affects of the replacements being tried have not been studied in detail, cadmium's defenders say, leading some to wonder if replacing cadmium with organic compounds will be the equivalent of substituting one undesirable for another.
Likewise, if the item was not needed the day of the trip but was needed prior to the next regularly scheduled shopping trip, 68.8 percent substituted, with only 45.6 percent substituting when the item was not needed prior to the next scheduled shopping trip.