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Synonyms for substitutable

(of words) interchangeable in a given context without changing the import of the expression

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capable of being exchanged for another or for something else that is equivalent


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A tax conforming to the requirements of the first sentence of paragraph 2 would be considered to be inconsistent with the provisions of the second sentence only in cases where competition was involved between, on the one hand, the taxed product and, on the other hand, a directly competitive or substitutable product which was not similarly taxed.
This stream of literature typically considers a single manufacturer selling identical products, whereas our work considers multiple manufacturers selling substitutable products.
The substitutability expert panel suggested that the combination of fruit juice/yellow fats was expected to be in the middle of the continuum and the combinations of subcategories of yellow fats (such as butter/margarine) were expected to be perceived largely as substitutable products.
It is the infinitely substitutable Lolita who in her lack of essence embodies the fountain of youth, the perpetual emotion machine--Humbert gets off play-wrestling with her on a couch, but Lolita doesn't know it.
Alternatively, attempts can be made to identify substitutable stimuli to replace sensory reinforcement obtained by engaging in the behavior (Piazza, Hanley, & Fisher, 1996).
The sand pours over that surface area, rapidly heats that biomass and converts it to a gas that is substitutable for natural gas.
The WTO panel, reasoning that cane sugar and HFCS are directly competitive or substitutable products, found that the Mexican tax is discriminatory in its application.
Second, the Panel found that Mexico taxes imported HFCS dissimilarly compared with directly competitive or substitutable products to protect Mexican domestic cane sugar production, and that does not square with Article III:2, second sentence, of GATT 1994.
Dan Tilque mentions one word, BIBBLE-BABBLE, with 6 substitutable letters (Bs).
In fact, the opposite is true: If the vendors are only at financial risk for inpatient and outpatient care, "they have a financial incentive to shift costs onto the pharmacy benefit by encouraging the use of psychotropic drugs instead of psychotherapy in cases where the two are somewhat substitutable," Dr.
72 billion in such aid by obtaining non-need-based loans--which we identify as substitutable loans--that families borrow to meet their expected family contribution.
72 billion in such aid by obtaining nonneed-based loans, identified as substitutable loams, that families borrow to meet their expected family contribution.
13) The term `market' is defined to include `goods or services that are substitutable for, or otherwise competitive with, the first-mentioned goods or services'.
Alternatively, to what degree are racial, citizenship, and gender categories more or less substitutable markers, buttresses reinforcing inequality, used to justify relegation to the lower ranks?
Novartis alleges that the FDA did not follow its own regulations in designating SangStat's non-identical cyclosporine dosage form as directly substitutable for Neoral.