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Synonyms for substitutable

(of words) interchangeable in a given context without changing the import of the expression

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capable of being exchanged for another or for something else that is equivalent


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1) the imported products and the domestic products are "directly competitive or substitutable products" which are in competition with each other;
Consider multi-channel distribution systems for two substitutable products, denoted by 1 and 2.
For the substitutable products the weekly schedule shows undermatching, the 3-wk-avg analyses show matching, and the 5-wk-avg analyses show overmatching.
the sales are probably not similar and/or substitutable enough to each other; and/or (2) the size/quantity range is not large enough (see Figure 10 and associated discussion) for a pattern to be visible.
A second limitation is that we compared a stimulus that was potentially a substitutable oral stimuli (the donut) with a none substitutable stimuli (i.
Yet that said, the most easily substitutable element and least apt to alter the outcome substantially is channel, or medium.
We can do all the reduction-of-resource consumption possible in building sustainable communities around the world," answers Waak, "but if population growth continues in an unplanned way, it doesn't make any difference: We are going to exhaust the resources that are available to us, and we will get up against the wall, where there's nothing that's substitutable anymore.
Low priced crude oil made substitutable virgin rubber and carbon black more cost competitive with reclaim.
I do suggest that, by biasing hospitals' internal resource allocation decisions in favor of depreciable and/or leasable assets vis-a-vis substitutable operating expenses, the resulting capital intensity increase reflects not only the greater acuity of the average inpatient, but also the fact that we have continued to reward hospitals that substitute capital for labor and supplies.
40 to pharmacies for substitutable and premium-free PBS-subsidized drugs, introduced in July 2010.
Key vendors - Air Gas - Air Liquide - Linde - Messer Group - Prax airOther prominent vendors - Air products - Air water - American Gas group - BASF - Buzwair - Core gas - Gazprom - Gulf Cryo - Iwatani - Proton gas - Ras gas - Taiyo Nippon SansoMarket driver s - Rise in production of natural gas and ready availability of helium - For a full, detailed list, view our reportMarket challenge s - Rise of LED and substitutable technologies - For a full, detailed list, view our reportMarket trend s - Helium Stewardship Act of 2013 dramatically impacting market structure - For a full, detailed list, view our report
This approach could lead to the availability of the first directly substitutable generic respiratory medicines, as well as novel combination products with enhanced performance and cost benefits.
Absorica is therefore not interchangeable and not substitutable with generic products of Accutane(r).
The US considers imported sweeteners other than cane sugar, and imported beverages and syrups made with such sweeteners, including HFCS and beverages and syrups made with HFCS, to be like and directly competitive or substitutable with Mexican cane sugar and beverages and syrups made with Mexican cane sugar--thus the reason for the US request for a DSB panel.