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abnormally enlarged thyroid gland

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Postoperative complications after substernal goiter resection include recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy in 3 to 6% of cases, (2,5) transient postoperative hypocalcemia in 10 to 15%, (3) and delayed extubation.
Evidence-Based Surgi-cal Management of Substernal Goiter.
While it can identify a substernal tumor as being thyroid tissue, the method can also be misleading because of impaired radioiodine uptake in some substernal goiters.
Substernal goiter versus intrathoracic aberrant thyroid: a critical difference.
Subsequent chapters discuss benign and malignant thyroid and parathyroid disease, with topics that include surgical management of substernal goiter, medullary and anaplastic thyroid cancer, and reoperation for hyperparathyroidism.
Complications experienced only by the octogenarians included atrial fibrillation, other arrhythmias, heart failure, pneumonia, ischemic colitis, tracheostomy, urosepsis, blood transfusion, reintubation, and sternotomy-related wound infection secondary to resection of a large substernal goiter.
In selected cases, placement of drain may be useful, like patients with recurrent goiter, substernal goiter and patients on anticoagulants.
The ectopic locations include lingual, suprahyoid and infrahyoid, lateral aberrant thyroid, substernal goiter, struma ovary and struma cordis.