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of or relating to or having the nature or function of a substantive (i.e. a noun or noun equivalent)

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Each adjective derives its substantival and its adverbial form.
A substantivacao de afixos pode ser exemplificada por meio dos prefixos super- e hiper- que, no excerto a seguir, exercem funcao substantival ao receberem a carga semantica dos substantivos superinflacao e hiperinflacao, respectivamente:
Similarly, the apple is not a second time there, once in the adjectival and once in the substantival world.
The key issue regarding the space-time debate, which is still alive by the way, is whether it does really make sense to speak of either a substantival or a relational account of space-time.
From the first sight of its traditionally-styled frontage with a welcoming canopy and elegant roof architecture, it is clear that this is a substantival and exceptionally well-designed family home.
In contrast to the substantival view, represented by what is typically called the psychological continuity theory is the view that being a person is a mode.
10) A common problem with rights-based approaches is that rights are usually identified using highly ambiguous substantival phrases such as "right to life" or "right to health" "right to development" and "right to work," "right to equal opportunity" and "right to access," as well as latterly "right to know" and "right not to know.
Acompanhando tendencia do proprio ingles, tambem em portugues comecou-se a usar a forma verbal auxiliar must com valor substantival, significando "nova moda", "algo novo e bom".
Substantival anglicisms restricted to the feminine are rare (e.
On the question of whether [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in 2:9 is an adjective or a neuter substantive, Achtemeier prefers the former, while conceding that one cannot `rule out the possibility that it carries substantival force' (p.
28) The evidence that such a word, both in substantival and verbal variants, was current (if not, understandably, frequently used in writing) in England in the mid to late thirteenth century is reasonably strong.
The substantival participial forms, [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], occur 13 times, 8 of which are in EN--1095a18, b22; 1127b31; 1128a31, b1; 1162b10 (cp.
Every text is compact, short in length and line, and is characterized by a syntactic ellipsis giving a largely nominal, substantival mode sometimes amplified via the attachment of brief subordinate clauses or the use of present participles.
that this kind of adjective only shifts a substantival notion to attributive position.
Note that in the majority of attestations, the internal argument of the verb underlying the nominalizations remains unexpressed, so that in predicative use these cases are ambiguous between adjectival and substantival use.