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Synonyms for substantiate

Synonyms for substantiate

Synonyms for substantiate

establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts

represent in bodily form

Related Words

make real or concrete

solidify, firm, or strengthen

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As the date for compliance with HSPD 12 has passed, we believe this order substantiates that our technology is a viable solution for safe and secure ID credentialing in what we believe will prove to be a potentially large market for us within the multi-billion dollar Government and Homeland Security market.
274-5T(c)(2)(iii) does not require original documents to satisfy its requirement for documentary evidence to substantiate travel expenses.
Phenserine shows potential advantages over currently approved cholinesterase inhibitors and the Phase III program will be designed to substantiate these clinical benefits," said Dr.
The Tax Court seemed to indicate that a taxpayer has substantially complied with the substantiation requirements if the information submitted substantiates the donor's claim that (1) the donation of specified property was made during the year, (2) the property was appraised by a qualified appraiser at the amount claimed by the donor as a charitable contribution and (3) the donee was qualified to receive a contribution.
To substantiate the deduction, the taxpayer had the blimps appraised by a qualified appraiser and completed and filed Form 8283, Noncash Charitable Contributions (containing a detailed appraisal summary), with its return.
Lahey, President of Orbit said, "Publication of this article in a respected journal with a noted reputation in the industry substantiates Orbit's effort to establish the scientific merit of our patent pending technology.
He further stated, "While this increased offer by GETINGE substantiates our assertion that the value of MDT is greater than was represented by the previous offer, at this time we need to revisit our interest at this price, as well as weigh the likelihood of success in engaging in a potential bidding war with someone with the international resources of the likes of GETINGE.
Thrifty Payless' choice of Checkpoint's EAS systems further substantiates this growing and very exciting movement in the retail industry both domestically and internationally," said Mr.
This new kimberlite pipe substantiates Argosy's interpretation that previous diamond exploration in Tanzania, which relied largely upon geochemical exploration methods, was only partially effective and that geophysical exploration techniques will yield further kimberlite discoveries.
This kimberlite pipe discovery substantiates Reunion's belief that previous exploration, which relied largely upon geochemical exploration methods, was only partially effective in this region and that the application of geophysics will yield further kimberlite pipes.
Gold stated that this certification substantiates Pemco's continuing global focus by providing new European opportunities.
It substantiates positive market feedback and offers further incentive to provide the highest quality applications that customers can implement quickly and cost-effectively.
said, "This 510K notification is a significant event for Isolyser because we believe it further substantiates that a broad range of our products are safe and efficacious.