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Synonyms for substantiate

Synonyms for substantiate

Synonyms for substantiate

establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts

represent in bodily form

Related Words

make real or concrete

solidify, firm, or strengthen

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from its roots, it reduces breakage, hair grow stronger' and ' saves up to 2,000 hair strands' were inadequately substantiated and were misleading by ambiguity.
The results show a 12-percent increase in substantiated retaliation reports from 2013, and companies had substantiated more than one-quarter of retaliation reports by employees.
If the allegations involve abuse in foster care, day care, or a residential treatment facility, at what point should children no longer be placed in that home or facility despite no concrete finding of substantiated maltreatment?
Ellis Harsham no longer holds a leadership position at Living Beatitudes Community, a ministry of Dignity Dayton, after former member Laura Grimes brought to the board's attention that he had been removed from ordained ministry in 1994 because of a substantiated allegation of sexual abuse of a minor in the Cincinnati archdiocese.
Across the North-east region and Cumbria, 161 offences against vulnerable people by care worker staff were reported, 60 of which were substantiated.
The ASA also did not investigate the BHA ad, which was the sixth most complained-about campaign with 392 objections, concluding that it was an expression of the advertiser's opinion and not capable of being objectively substantiated.
The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) mandated that GAO conduct a study on Education's enforcement of the incentive compensation ban in light of the safe harbors and report on the number of violations substantiated by the Secretary of Education since 1998, the nature of these violations, and the names of the institutions involved.
Surrey Police, who asked Price to name him, said the inquiry could not continue due to "the lack of substantiated information".
I'M WRITING in response to a letter referring to the supposed lethal effects of second-hand cigarette smoke (Voice of the North, January 12), which is a claim that cannot be substantiated by scientific or epidemiological results.
The revenue procedure provides rules under which the amount of an employee's ordinary and necessary business expenses for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses, or for meals and incidental expenses, incurred while traveling away from home is deemed substantiated under Regs.
She can articulate the reason she concluded that the allegation was substantiated or not substantiated, based on specific evidence.
The number of substantiated cases rose from 17 in 2000 to 34 last year.
001), which was substantiated by the learning contract products.
For that to be the case, it would have to be substantiated with a preponderance of the scientific literature.