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Synonyms for substantiate

Synonyms for substantiate

Synonyms for substantiate

establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts

represent in bodily form

Related Words

make real or concrete

solidify, firm, or strengthen

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In addition, testing will be completed at the Boeing Transonic Wind Tunnel in Seattle to substantiate the forecast of the high-speed performance of the aircraft.
Our investigation confirmed two civilian deaths during the events which occurred on Monday, November 8, and we found no proof to substantiate the toll advanced by the polisario Front which said 36 civilians or more were killed," Peter Bouckeart, Human Rights Watch's emergencies director said in an interview published on Sunday by the Algerian newspaper "El Watan".
It challenged whether SoSM could substantiate claims that the wind farm was a threat to Whisky Glens and its wildlife, and that it would deter visitors from returning to the area and accommodation providers would suffer "a cash loss".
The significance of these gaps may determine an investigator's ability to substantiate the allegation under investigation.
From the outset of the enquiry Hasselbaink has refused to substantiate his claims even after the PL League sent officials to interview him.
I need more information regarding my injury in order to substantiate my claim for disability compensation.
The Trader Media Group contacted the ASA to challenge whether eBay could substantiate the claim that a vehicle is sold every seven minutes.
There are two restrictions placed on a taxpayer's ability to make this election: (1) The foreign corporation must have provided the small shareholder with the information necessary 1to substantiate that shareholder's all E&P amount, and (2) the small shareholder must comply with the section 367(b) notice requirements in section 1.
As always, your claims must substantiate the need for daily skilled care for services provided by licensed staff.
Unfortunately, there is a dearth of empirical research to substantiate what many of these teachers have experienced.
Investigations substantiate less than one-third of the complaints regarding police verbal conduct,(13) partly because of the difficulty defining rude behavior.
Where to focus a closer inspection in order to substantiate a sustainable forestry claim would be apparent to an experienced forester after an initial reconnaissance.
In many cases, use for specific unlabeled indications may become widespread before data are published to substantiate the effectiveness of that use.
The new findings substantiate the earlier impact evidence and suggest that the crash occurred off the Mid-Atlantic Coast.
This month, the trend continues: EPA released a study showing that degradables do not reduce landfill volume; a well-known environmental group issued a report calling degradable plastics a "scam"; and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced it will ask companies to substantiate claims that their products are degradable.