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(biology) a taxonomic group that is a division of a species

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On the other side, our results indicated a genetic isolation and restricted gene flow Northern and Southern subspecies as well, occurred at least three million years ago.
Survival was compared between subspecies and years with a Z-test.
equi subspecies equi are very rare in humans; to our knowledge, only one case of S.
KEY WORDS: genetic divergence, abalone, Haliotis discus, Haliotis diversicolor, subspecies
While gray wolves of other regions have recently been downlisted to threatened under the Endangered Species Act, the subspecies Mexican wolf is still listed as endangered.
These subspecies arise when geographical boundaries cause a separation between groups of the same species.
It is not a species nor a subspecies and therefore was in no danger of becoming extinct.
The subspecies we call Florida panther is distinguished from its Western counterparts chiefly by its short body hair, long legs and Roman nose.
sativa subspecies varia accessions (varia are natural hybrids between sativa and falcata).
Sceloporus undulatus as currently understood is divided into 10 subspecies that are grouped into three exerges (an exerge is a group of related subspecies): undulatus, consobrinus and tristichus.
The National Zoo announced that it has made a home for three Mexican gray wolves as part of an international recovery effort to reintroduce the highly endangered wolf subspecies into the wild in Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico.
Genetic analysis has revealed there is high likelihood that the three recognized subspecies of koalas are actually only two, a team of Japanese researchers said Monday.
Most contemporary bioinsecticides are derived from scaled-up cultures of Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis (Bti) and kurstaki (Btk), whose particulate fractions contain mostly B.
Of the eight known subspecies, three--the Bali, Caspian, and Javan--were extinct by 1979.
Sexual Dimorphism in Terrapene carolina and Four of Its Subspecies.