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(of speed) less than that of sound in a designated medium

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Also relatively new to the line are Subsonic Hollow, Action, and Edge, which are included in my shooting review here.
In addition to the subsonic and match ammo I tried, I fired Remington's Golden Bullet load just to see what a load not made for target or suppressor use would deliver.
Although subsonic ammo is--in large part--marketed with suppressors in mind, even without one, this Eley stuff has a markedly lower noise signature than standard or high-velocity .
In its statement, NASA said the potential benefits in commercial subsonic flights include reduction of aircrafts' weight, making them more fuel-efficient, and giving pilots the opportunity to take advantage of various flight conditions, by folding the wings to adapt.
2 airliner - the fastest civil aircraft ever made - capable of operating economically at current subsonic business class fares.
In 2016 NASA launched the "New Aviation Horizons X-Plane Initiative," one part of which is the "Ultra-Efficient Subsonic Flight Demonstrator" program.
The model I chose has a BDC reticle designed for use with both super and subsonic 300 Blackout ammunition.
For ultimate quietness, choose any one of the heavy subsonic loads available--just be aware that point of aim/point of impact distance is short owing to the rainbow trajectory of such bullets.
The 135-grain subsonic went through the Ruger and the Nighthawk with and without the suppressor.
The company said the SSAT program is designed to meet the US Navy's requirements for a new high fidelity target to replicate subsonic anti-cruise missile threats in direct support of fleet training and weapon system testing and evaluation.
The contract offered to Aurora will help mature the D8 as a potential X-plane candidate that supports NASA's ultra efficient subsonic transport thrust.
Artists' impressions of the Hyperloop system, which is a subsonic propulsion tube that integrates a low-pressure pipe linking two stations, enabling passenger capsules within the tube to travel at high speeds of up to 1,200km/h.
Federal Hydra-Shok or a similar weight load at subsonic velocity in stock.
One of the most utilized--and least known of commercial advances--is the winglets on the tips of US commercial airliners and newer military cargo jets, a component designed to increase efficiency and reduce drag at subsonic speeds.
Whatever its use, my guess is that the handle on the forestock was added so the rifle could shoot subsonic ammo, which would not have had sufficient gas to chamber a new round, so the operator did that with the handle.