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the layer of soil between the topsoil and bedrock


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The 4-yr treatment means for N accumulations were 81 and 103 kg [ha.sup.-1], respectively, for the nonsubsoiled and subsoiled treatments.
The 5-yr means for the subsoiled treatments were the highest and not different for the surface tillage vs.
Paratill subsoiling consistently improved shoot dry matter production; the five-year shoot dry matter accumulation means for the subsoiled and non-subsoiled treatments were 7.76 and 6.41 Mg [ha.sup.-1], respectively (p [less than or equal to] 0.01).
Whereas the subsoiled treatment had higher yield, it also had lower grain N concentration (p [less than or equal to] 0.01); values were 17.0 and 17.9 g N [kg.sup.-1] grain, respectively, for the subsoiled and nonsubsoiled treatments.
The 5-yr means of N removed in the wheat grain ranged from 53 kg [ha.sup.-1] in the no-tillage surface, subsoiled treatment to 42 kg [ha.sup.-1] with surface tillage, nonsubsoiled treatment.