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Synonyms for subsidiser

someone who assists or supports by giving a subsidy

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The charity estimates that the EU is the world's biggest subsidiser and places around five million tonnes of sugar on the world market every year.
Canada and the EU already have low tariffs on most goods except agriculture, which the Europeans will not open up outside the lines of a broader agreement including the United States, the world's other major agricultural subsidiser.
at for over 30 years, in each and every year, Scotland has been a "net contributor" to the UK - that we have been the subsidisers, not the subsidised.
Noting that Angola is one of the world's largest fuel price subsidisers, IMF staff stressed that the fiscal cost of the country's fuel subsidies has been increasing in recent years due to higher international fuel prices.
While agricultural subsidies may not as politically contentious as they once were, the EU and US remain the world's largest subsidisers of farmers.
Nigeria has been among the world s biggest subsidisers of oil products in recent years.
The International Energy Agency (IEA) warned on Tuesday that hundreds of billions of fossil fuel subsidies "encourage wasteful consumption" and discourage investment, pointing to Iran and Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest fuel subsidisers.