subsidiary ledger

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details of an account supporting the amount stated in the general ledger

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Reconcile the general ledger to the subsidiary ledger on a monthly and hire a controller to ensure that all material accounting transactions are reviewed and approved
The motivation for keeping credit balances in the A/R subsidiary ledger was simply to comply with a creditor's debt covenant.
This includes subsidiary ledgers, such as payroll and accounts receivable.
Endowment Manager 2005(TM) is a specialized, fully auditable subsidiary ledger system, uniquely designed for managing information related to endowment clients.
Loan Accountant and Mortgage Accountant are subsidiary ledger packages that deliver automated capabilities in order to simplify accounting for the loan closing and servicing processes.
These balance sheet general ledger accounts were not supported by the underlying subsidiary ledger detail when the Company's accounting department moved from Ohio to Fort Worth.
subsidiary ledgers, which feed into the General Ledger
The SC ruled that the prosecution's reliance on supposed loan documents, subsidiary ledgers, deposit slip, cash proof, and other documents was proper.
For example, taxpayers might need access to subsidiary ledgers supporting depreciation and amortization deductions, so they can determine when and at what historical rates the assets were acquired.
In some instances, this poses a challenge, since gathering data often involves extraction from multiple sources--sales or payroll departments or systems such as subsidiary ledgers or ERP systems.
REITs require substantial enterprise systems that allow rigorous audit trails while supporting subsidiary ledgers and schedules.
The original interpretation includes examples such as (1) adjusting, closing, combining or consolidating journal entries and (2) information normally contained in books of original entry and general ledger or subsidiary ledgers.
Cash Manager also offers integration with General Ledger and all subsidiary ledgers that impact cash balances, daily up-to-date balances for each cash account; daily consolidated cash account balances, and extensive reporting, including cash flow projection and float analysis.
The real problems surfaced when we examined the so-called subsidiary ledgers.
He will also maintain control over the balancing and integrity of the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers, while overseeing the accounting department staff and their functions, and work towards the preparation of the annual financial plan of Pathfinder Bank and its subsidiaries.