subsidiary ledger

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details of an account supporting the amount stated in the general ledger

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Reconcile the general ledger to the subsidiary ledger on a monthly and hire a controller to ensure that all material accounting transactions are reviewed and approved
The motivation for keeping credit balances in the A/R subsidiary ledger was simply to comply with a creditor's debt covenant.
Special journals, subsidiary ledgers, and the general ledger are simultaneously posted when on-screen documents are saved.
This includes subsidiary ledgers, such as payroll and accounts receivable.
Working with the report document, the time period for the financial statement or subsidiary ledger must be specified.
Endowment Manager 2005(TM) is a specialized, fully auditable subsidiary ledger system, uniquely designed for managing information related to endowment clients.
populating data necessary to record additions and disposals to the fixed asset subsidiary ledger.
Verification of the SSLB (statement of subsidiary ledger balance) at DOTC as of December 31, 2012, also disclosed that 40 motor vehicles reflected a value of only one peso per unit," the COA said.
Loan Accountant and Mortgage Accountant are subsidiary ledger packages that deliver automated capabilities in order to simplify accounting for the loan closing and servicing processes.
These balance sheet general ledger accounts were not supported by the underlying subsidiary ledger detail when the Company's accounting department moved from Ohio to Fort Worth.
The failure to credit the amounts to the state pension funds' members 'affected the accuracy of individual data recorded' in the subsidiary ledgers of the said government entities.
will provide training for the ARBOs on the installation of computerized accounting systems for internal control of record keeping, maintenance of subsidiary ledgers, books of accounts and financial reports for sugarcane block farm.
Analysis of the subsidiary ledgers for consultancy services, which mostly consist of expenses for consultancy services of different offices of senators, revealed that there were several offices which incurred consultancy services expenses in excess of the monthly budgetary allocations," COA lamented.
The SC ruled that the prosecution's reliance on supposed loan documents, subsidiary ledgers, deposit slip, cash proof, and other documents was proper.
The general ledger functionality improved the ability for them to track, monitor, control, analyse and report on any information within the general ledger, as well as in any number of subsidiary ledgers.