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Critically, both pain and movement can be seen as outputs that make things happen; the outputs themselves do not occur within the brain, but they are subserved by brain-grounded processes.
The existence of multiple memory systems subserved by different neural substrates is a widely accepted view of memory organization in the mammalian brain.
ATP synthesis is usually a mitochondrial function and is subserved by mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation.
Such quality is subserved by bone matrix, microarchitecture, rate of bone turnover, and mechanostatic adaptation, which in turn depend on the osteocyte network.
The following main goals that should be subserved with the mechanical engineering enterprises:
The critical issue was whether perceptual grouping could affect to sensitivity during tracking, and whether this effect was strictly object-based (that is, spatially invariant) or rather it was subserved by a spatial attention mechanism.
In turn, it was thought that the temporal lobes were primarily concerned with memory and language functions, while the parietal lobes subserved time and spatial perception.
These efforts can best achieve their purposes when they are subserved by some controlling mechanisms that will cope with the problem of corruption.
Anti-slavery arguments, in short, subserved anti-Chinese policy.
Given that all perceptual, cognitive, and motor faculties are subserved by an architectonically similar six-layer neocortex (see Rockel, Hiorns and Powell (1980)),
In 1948, He published an unofficial report, "UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy," in which he argued that UNESCO cannot base its existence, philosophy, and activities on a single religion or on a political doctrine in our multi-cultural, international arena, but that "its main concern is with peace and security and with human welfare, in so far as they can be subserved by the educational and scientific and cultural relations of the peoples of the world.
Most, if not all of these medical conditions, have been shown to have a negative impact on cognition and EEG activity, and this, primarily on tasks and EEG activity subserved by the frontal lobes.
The effects of brain trauma often relate to functions subserved by the specific area of brain damage.