subscription right

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the right of a shareholder in a company to subscribe to shares of a new issue of common stock before it is offered to the public

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Also, shareholders as of the record date that fully exercise their basic subscription rights, will also have over-subscription rights, under which they may be able to buy additional shares at the mentioned price to the extent that not all subscription rights are exercised, subject to certain limitations and terms of the prospectus supplement.
Carso") and Eusterreichische Industrieholding Aktiengesellschaft ("OIAG"), Telekom Austria's core shareholders, has committed itself to participate in the capital increase as follows: America Movil has committed itself to acquire at the Rights Offering Offer Price 3,967,850 New Shares according to its 7,935,700 subscription rights.
9 May 2014 - US Liberty Media Corp (NASDAQ:LMCA) said its board had cleared a plan to spin off its cable business into a new public company called Liberty Broadband through a tax-free distribution to shareholders of Liberty Broadband common shares and subscription rights to buy Liberty Broadband's common shares.
To exercise their subscription rights, such stockholders must contact the subscription agent prior to 11:00 a.
14 November 2011 - Lexicon Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:LXRX) has announced plans to launch a rights offering to its shareholders in a move that would offer investors non-transferable subscription rights to acquire up to 144,247,800 shares of the company's common stock in the aggregate.
Trade with subscription rights will be undertaken on First North from April 27, 2009 through May 7, 2009.
Manhattan Bancorp will offer up to 2,212,389 shares of common stock in the rights offering and estimates that if all eligible shareholders exercise their basic subscription rights, a total of 702,811 shares will be available to purchase by way of over-subscription privileges.
Medical needs company SIGA Technologies (Other OTC:SIGA) reported on Friday that it expects to raise gross proceeds of USD35m via the issue of subscription rights.
Subscription for new shares without subscription rights may also be made.
Sears Holdings will distribute one transferable subscription right for each share of Sears Holdings common stock held as of the record date, with the number of subscription rights required to purchase a share of Sears Hometown common stock from Sears Holdings to be determined on 7 September, the group said.
Howard Bancorp Inc (OTCBB: HMBD) has said that it has launched its previously announced rights offering, under which stockholders will receive one non-transferable subscription right for every share of common stock owned as of February 27, 2012, the record date for the rights offering.
The multi-state bank holding company will offer to its shareholders subscription rights, consisting of a basic right to buy one unit and an over-subscription right to purchase additional units.
Each whole subscription right will entitle a shareholder to purchase one share of Pacific Capital common stock at a subscription price equal to $0.
Each shareholder will obtain one subscription right for each ordinary share held.
The company will distribute subscription rights, consisting of a basic subscription right to purchase one Unit per common share held, and an over-subscription right to purchase additional Units.