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(law) the act of substituting of one creditor for another

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Best case scenario would be for both the claim adjuster and the subrogation adjuster to develop a strategic relationship which will not only keep the customer happy but will preserve the carrier's right to a successful recovery, should one exist.
Healthcare Recovery Solutions, LLC (HRS) is a specialized subrogation provider with an innovative approach for identifying recovery opportunities often left undiscovered.
John Brierley argued that it could, by the civilian technique of real subrogation.
In addition, this article will consider application of the doctrine in a double subrogation situation.
The company said that it has named Marie Cheung-Truslow to the position of executive vice president and subrogation practice leader.
With subrogation rights, insurers are able to investigate accidents and recover the losses they paid out.
Subrogation is solely the right of the insurer, not the policyholder.
Subrogation and recovery departments have become important revenue centers for both insurance companies and for their insured policyholders.
Walker and Stein settled her lawsuit, but Allstate didn't agree and in May 2001 filed a subrogation action against Stein.
North River provided indemnity to its policyholder Cortland Associates (approximately $230,000) and then brought a subrogation action against the Snyders, alleging that the fire was caused by the careless smoking of the Snyders' babysitter, an allegation denied by the Snyders.
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) plans to introduce flexible fees for credit guarantees extended to small and medium businesses from the next fiscal year in response to a sharp increase in subrogation amid bankruptcies of small business in Japan, ministry officials said Wednesday.
You have encountered the insurance principle of subrogation.
The verdict is still out on possible ramifications, but the Arkansas Supreme Court's decision on subrogation is in.
The applicability of the waiver of subrogation clause (contained in Article 9(e) of the REBNY lease) is an important element in determining a tenant's right to claim business interruption as a result of repair or destruction to the premises.