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Through these achievements and the reforms to be implemented under EICMR Subprogram 2, infrastructure investments are expected to be better managed and efficiently implemented, including the project for Mindanao under the IGCMRSP.
Data on the ADB's website showed that the first subprogram, which had a project cost of $401 million, secured $250 million from the Manila-based lender on top of the $150 million obtained from the AFD in 2014.
One subprogram offers direct medical support to Bureau of Diplomatic Security operations abroad.
1) A base subprogram is processed once for providing auxiliary concepts along with setting up an initial configuration.
Training is, unfortunately, often the first subprogram to be suggested when program managers look to reduce costs.
For example, dialogs with drop-down pick lists unable users to create records, arrays and other data types, share data types between packages and construct subprogram arguments with minimal typing.
Future Engineers is a subprogram of a much larger network that reaches throughout a western U.
Future Engineers is also a subprogram of a much larger network.
Selection of the correct riser sleeve and filter is simplified using the software's Filter size subprogram.
Remember: G65 is a command that calls a macro subprogram into effect.
With the start of program budgeting in 1997, program goals were identified for each subprogram.
Every icon is a small applet (an autonomous subprogram that can be downloaded and operate within a browser like Netscape) that quietly generates every possible image in the confines of the grid of a typical computer icon (the tiny images that represent applications and documents).
Three types of code modules can be generated from a segment object: a callable subprogram, an independent program, or a text file containing all the statements in the segment.
In the first subprogram, the user enters a diagnosis using medical terminology and the program returns a list of the possible ICD-9-CM codes from which the user may select.