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a population that is part of a larger population

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All sperm head measurements were clustered by length, width, area, perimeter using iterative k-means cluster analysis to classify spermatozoa into a reduced number of subpopulation according to their head dimensions and then a step-wise discriminant analysis of the clusters was obtained [36].
Table S6 summarizes the rice-consumption rate estimates in both g/day and g/kg body weight (BW)/day for each subpopulation ([bar.
Bayesian clustering analyses using 2 admixture models on the new sample of 166 infections with complete genotype data for the full panel of 10 microsatellite loci identified 3 subpopulation clusters (K = 3; Figure 3; online Technical Appendix 2 Figures 1 and 2, panel A), hereafter referred to as clusters 1-3.
Even though MSM constitutes a subpopulation of men at very high risk of HIV infection, there are very few programs in Malawi that attempt to promote safe sex education programs among MSM.
In contrast, CD9 was present on every leukocyte subpopulation following two days of culture.
Genetic analysis can address many conservation issues including population viability analysis (Menges, 2000), historical relationships between subpopulations (O'Brien, 1994), and the setting of conservation priorities based on biogeographic data and species delineation (Hugall et al.
The results presented in Table 1 show an increase of the infected subpopulation in the community of San Marcos during the first 30 days, assuming the existence of a susceptible subpopulation to be infected (day 0 = 0.
Understanding the reasons for the disparity in subpopulation growth rates, and sustainability between Ohio bobcat subpopulations, is essential to proper bobcat management (Prange, 2012).
Since 2004, its invasion on the edge of the swampy depression at the base of the mound was observed; the subpopulation amount made 395 individuals, the average density made 9.
The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene requested assistance from CDC to describe this subpopulation and identify characteristics that could be used to improve the selection and delivery of syphilis and HIV prevention interventions.
Taken together, these studies implicate a collective effect of serotonin receptor and transporter gene combinations, defined by a five-marker genotype panel, on the response to treatment with ondansetron for a genetically defined subpopulation of individuals with alcohol dependence," Professor Johnson said.
The other subpopulation that is discussed in this chapter is that of Indigenous Australians.
MPGA is an extension of simple GAs by dividing a population into several isolated sub-populations within which the evolution proceeds and individuals are allowed to migrate from one subpopulation to another.
Subpopulation profile and activation markers of lymphocytes of endometrium were investigated in 20 women with pregnancy losses.