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(biology) taxonomic group that is a subdivision of an order

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To determine the effect of removing morphological and nonmorphological characters to distinguish the Soil Order tier, cladogram 2 includes characters from Suborder and Great Group tiers only.
Recorded foraminiferal assemblages present a high relative abundance of the representatives of the suborder Lagenina (90.2%), followed by representatives of suborders Miliolina (5.6%) and Textulariina (3.5%), the representatives of suborders Spirillinina (0.6%) and Robertinina (0.1%) being only minor components.
NA NA Glottidia pyramidata NA NA Order Acrotretida Family Discinidae Discradisca stella Inland Sea 1 Class Articulata Order Terebratulida Suborder Terebratelidina Family Terebratulida crossei Okirai Bay 10 Cancellothyrididae Family Laqueidae Laqueus rubellus Okirai Bay 5 Laqueus blanfordi Okirai Bay 3 Terebratalia Okirai Bay 1 coreanica Suborder Terebratelidina Family Platidiidae Platidia japonica Okirai Bay 3 Haploid DNA content C value Taxa Species [+ or -] SE (pg) Class Inarticulata Order Lingulida Family Lingulidae Lingula anatina 0.41 [+ or -] 0.01 Lingula reevii 0.41 [+ or -] 0.003 Lingula sp.
The frequencies of uncommon/rare versus established species of Odonata were compared between suborders (Anisoptera--dragonflies and Zygoptera--damselflies), habitat specificity, and primary habitat using chi-square analyses.
Hemiptera were split into suborders Heteroptera and Homoptera, because the digestive systems of most homopterans have filter chambers that concentrate nitrogenous compounds (Borror et al.
Despite the relative consistency of subordinal relationships recovered in these studies, they fail to recover extensive compatible and well-supported resolution below the subordinal level, particularly in the suborder Polyphaga, the most species rich of the four beetle suborders.
Cohen's Kappa coefficient (Cohen 1960) was calculated both the abridged Suborder and Order levels using the jack-knife samples.
Recent kagos bat virus isolations from bats (suborder Megachiroptera) in South Africa.
Now, Drea has turned her attention to the Strepsirrhini suborder of primates, which includes lemurs and their relatives.
* Identify the basic properties of soils to the suborder level, and identify where they are likely to be found.
Among the "primitive" chitons of the suborder Lepidopleurina, the eggs have a smooth jelly coat, and the sperm--equipped with a typical, prominent acrosome--probably can enter an egg at any point on its surface.
is an isolated and well-defined group comprising the whole of the family Radulaceae and the suborder Radulinae.
The ASC has as its highest level the Soil Order followed by Suborder, Great Group, Subgroup, and Family.