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in a servile manner

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Why, the poor beast is not himself now,' said Nikita, pointing to the horse, which was standing submissively waiting for what might come, with his steep wet sides heaving heavily.
Standing behind the chair on which his imperious young wife sat enthroned, he looked at her submissively between every two words that he addressed to me, as if he waited for her permission to open his lips and speak.
Kit's mother, drying her eyes (and moistening them, poor soul, more than she dried them), now took from the ground a small basket, and submissively addressed herself to the turnkey, saying, would he please to listen to her for a minute?
On one side, a return to a society where women submissively accept men as masters, both in the home and in the nation; on the other, an appeal to the values of equality and respect.
Now, she wept more bitterly, and more submissively, with violent gasps, cries, trembles, and convulsions.
Worse, it can stop the jumping, only for it to change to another problematic behavior like submissively urinating.
Much of the Indian media, on the other hand, is submissively following the Animal Farm rules.
Nearly half an hour later, the 45-year-old murder victim submissively follows her back along the same path.
I myself, culturally as a Korean, religiously as a Christian minister of a particular denomination, and socio-ecologically as a people-oriented and life-centric thinker, am living with an ongoing identity crisis which has troubled me to the point where I cannot submissively cross my arms in the face of certain allegedly Christian attitudes and traditions.
He wants a yes-man to worship him and cooperate with him submissively in avoiding implementation of the most crucial provisions in the peace deal, such as the needed reforms, and to help him return the country to war so as to continue to dictatorially maintain the power through the violence," he added.
He had a penchant for discipline and set an example by refusing to act submissively in front of the higher authority on many occasions.
They behave, however, submissively enough at present to the Civil Government which I wish they may continue to do: For I remember when they modestly declined intermeddling in our Elections, but now they come in droves, and carry all before them, except in one or two Counties.
One of the unspoken rules is as a bride you have to behave submissively and look downcast.
The developers instead focused on making the robot act submissively to her owner.