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Synonyms for submissive

Synonyms for submissive

submitting without objection or resistance

willing to carry out the wishes of others

Synonyms for submissive

inclined or willing to submit to orders or wishes of others or showing such inclination

abjectly submissive

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"By the age of five, children were consistently above chance in giving their gifts to the trustworthy or submissive looking faces.
The criticism stems from racial stereotypes in Hollywood and the West that Asian women are submissive. Mantis, a fictional superheroine from the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' series, also faced similar criticism for perpetuating submissive and exotic female Asian stereotypes.
If it is true submissive urination, treatment can be difficult and will be centred around improving your dog's confidence.
The director's comment came following a newspaper report where Ranaut was quoted as saying that she declined the film as she found her character "submissive".
Some people truly do seem to want their dogs to be "submissive."
Still, the submissive self of the groups of people that can be seen in some of the drawings is readily noticeable.
In a statement issued here, he said that the entire India knows that the AIADMK party is functioning like a branch of BJP and is submissive to the latter, even though Chief Minister K Palaniswami, in a bid to refute this, recently said that his party is not in alliance with BJP.
"Our dear Iran was once submissive to American, Zionist, and English advocates.
According to the author, voting is a fundamental human right, many people fought for their right to vote for centuries, to not be submissive and speak up their demands.
They use their music to combat the stereotype of Muslim women as submissive or voiceless.
Financial domination, aka findom, a bondage-discipline-dominance-submission (BDSM) fetish where the submissive, often called a "cash slave," gets erotic pleasure from relinquishing financial control to a dominatrix, has gained significantly in popularity in recent years.
1) If a submissive is holding the leash in hand, he or she is "on task" and is unavailable.
This indicates the pup is timid, submissive and likely harder to train.
Dear Coleen My partner and I enjoy a BDSM lifestyle with me being the submissive partner and him being the dominant.
Leandra A Some dogs urinate when they are approached or petted; this is called submissive urination.