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Synonyms for submersion

sinking until covered completely with water

the act of wetting something by submerging it

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Thus the Bianchi-Cartan-Vranceanu spaces (BCV spaces) can be seen as the canonical models of Killing submersions with constant bundle curvature and constant Gaussian curvature.
(n the other hand, as it has been mentioned previously in the introduction, in the context of Killing submersions the Willmore problem can be described as the variational problem associated with the so-called Chen-Willmore energy:
Both the Euclidean 3-space and the round 3-sphere provide examples of total 3-spaces associated with Killing submersions. In the former case K = [tau] = 0 and [pi] is just the projection over a plane.
To end this section, we consider frame bundles of surfaces as a particular case of Killing submersions and study Willmore surfaces in this context.
providing a large class of Killing submersions. The corresponding bundle curvature [tau] can be computed using (31) and [31]:
Elasticae with Potential and Willmore Tori in Killing Submersions. For a given Riemannian surface M with Gaussian curvature K, and for a potential [mu] [member of] [C.sup.[infinity]](M), we can consider the following elastic energy:
Manzano, "On the classification of Killing submersions and their isometries," Pacific Journal of Mathematics, vol.
La prestation portera sur la ralisation et suivi de l~ensemble des tudes et dossiers rglementaires ncessaires l~obtention des autorisations administratives pralables aux travaux et l~obtention de la labellisation Plan de Submersions Rapides (Psr) des ouvrages de protection contre les inondations du Coulazou situs sur la commune de Fabrgues (34).
The degree of hypoxia depends on several factors, such as duration of submersion, water temperature, the patient's age, early initiation of advanced life support, and time to admission to the emergency department and intensive care.
Bradycardia, submersion exceeding 10 minutes in duration, GCS being <5, blood glucose level >300 mg/dL and a lactic acid level on the first day of >6 mmol/L are regarded as poor prognostic indicators in cases resulting in death or severe neurological deficit (10).
Part 8 Section 3: Advanced challenges in resuscitation, submersion or near drowning.
Association of water temperature and submersion duration and drowning outcome.
Impact of age, submersion time and water temperature on outcome in near-drowning.
Predicting outcome in pediatric submersion victims.
A decision-making guide for the search, rescue and resuscitation of submersion (head under) victims based on expert opinion.
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