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Synonyms for submersion

sinking until covered completely with water

the act of wetting something by submerging it

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Sunday, with 606 deaths, had the highest average number of deaths caused by drowning and submersion. Saturday settled for second with 576 deaths.
Bradycardia, submersion exceeding 10 minutes in duration, GCS being <5, blood glucose level >300 mg/dL and a lactic acid level on the first day of >6 mmol/L are regarded as poor prognostic indicators in cases resulting in death or severe neurological deficit (10).
In product spaces M x R the projection over the first factor is a Killing submersion, so its bundle curvature is [tau] [equivalent to] 0.
Luminous enhancements on the hands and indexes, while useful on dry land, gain particular necessity during submersion. As a diver progresses into deeper waters, a mix of intense darkness and murky conditions renders visibility a genuine challenge.
[12] Defibrillation may not be effective in severely hypothermic patients, where submersion times were prolonged.
The company was convinced to acquire its first ultrasonic sewing machine based on the equipment's ability to help meet NIJ water submersion standards; the speed and ease-of-use of the equipment; and the friendliness of Sonobond's staff.
It is probable a previously undetected cardiac condition led to his submersion. "My conclusion is that Logan's death was as a result of submersion in the swimming pool, caused by a heart condition." Emergency services were called to the scene at 2.30pm and tried in vain to revive him using CPR.
The light head is IP67 rated, dustproof, and protected against high-pressure jets and temporary submersion.
It is a permanent hot or cold water soluble adhesive and can be removed either through submersion or water jet cleaning.
It is also ETL verified for water submersion for up to 72 hours.
While the presence of incompatible adhesives can impair the performance of LEDs, use of LED-compatible Loctite products helps to ensure long life, even for components exposed to extreme temperatures, dust/ dirt, vibration and underwater submersion, according to the company.
Its hermetically sealed casing ensures that the sensor is waterproof and can easily withstand disinfecting by submersion. Additionally, the LED 15100 includes a CMOS chip, fiber-optics, scintillator and a shock absorption system.
From solitary walks with sketchbook and camera to what she describes as a lengthy, intensively contemplative making process, from the joyful physicality of free-arm movement to the precision of minute detailing --all reflect her intuitive response and complete submersion in the mystery of her journey.
The hearing was told father-of-two Mr Wells vanished on a night when the weather was "dreadful" and the cause of death was recorded as submersion in water while under the influence of alcohol.
Now we can define the submersion of the manifold [M.sub.1] onto the fibre [R.sup.r],
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