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Synonyms for submarine

a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments)

move forward or under in a sliding motion

throw with an underhand motion

bring down with a blow to the legs

control a submarine

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attack by submarine

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beneath the surface of the sea


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India's first indigenously produced nuclear submarine, INS Arihant, is yet to head for extensive sea trials after its reactor went "critical" last August.
The next two submarines, named Ho Chi Minh and Haiphong, are expected to be handed over to Vietnam this year.
Looking at the book as a whole there can be no doubt that Koldau offers a comprehensive and convincing study of the submarine myth, which nobody interested in the history and culture of submarines, but also in film music, media and cultural studies can afford to neglect.
In order to attract more enlistees to the submarine force, the IDF plans to open a submarine youth track as part of the Gadna -- a pre-military program that introduces high school aged youth to the military.
Even though in August 2009, the Bulgarian Navy had an open-door day dedicated to the 55 years since the restoration of its submarine force, a year later the Bulgarian Defense Minister said the Navy will most likely do away with its submarine unit, according to Defense Minister Anyu Angelov.
While the Los Angeles-class is the backbone of the submarine force, it is the Virginia-class that is the most technologically advanced.
The greater part of the country s submarine force consists of nine Type 209 diesel-electric attack submarines (Chang Bogo class), developed by HDW in the 1960s and in service with the South Korean Navy since the early 1990s.
Milliner did an experiment to show students how a submarine floats and submerges.
The submarine is not damaged, its reactor works as normal, and radiation levels on the submarine are normal," Dygalo said.
The 79m-long Vidar 36 submarine would be able to descend to a depth of 200m.
The crew and submarine will build on the legacy of the two battleships and one cruiser that have borne the name Texas since the late 19th century, the first lady said.
As most of the international submarine cables in South Asia end at Sri Lanka, which serves as an international gateway, SLT, the leading telecommunications operator in Sri Lanka, expects to support IP services including multimedia contents and global connectivity through the proposed cable system.
Few, if any, people now take advantage of submarine springs--it's far too easy today to drill a hole on land to reach fresh water.
military is planning to send another submarine from the Atlantic for deployment at the base, the sources said.
When a ship uses sonar to pinpoint a submerged submarine, which step occurs first?
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