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passing or having passed from the solid to the gaseous state (or vice versa) without becoming liquid


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But Gikandi is a cultural critic, his strength the capacity to conduct what he calls "allegories of reading, explorations of the tropes and figures that often point, or lead, to sublimated connections" (p.
He has never sublimated his preoccupations so thoroughly into fuel for engrossing fiction." PAUL GRAY, TIME, 8/6/1984
Roebuck "made no attempt to conceal the fact there was sometimes a heavily sublimated erotic element in his feelings towards his proteges," Weekend Australian newspaper quoted Christopher Pearson,as saying.
of New York, College at Buffalo) presents an insightful analysis of responses to mountaineering as either an experience of the sublime or a form of sublimated male aggression and imperialism, and ambivalence toward female climbers.
Our Judeo-Christian values, with which Dr Upton may be in accord, would be better served by preventing them from being watered down, and sublimated into a political correctness which views humour with abhorrence, and results in "freedom" being that some groups are "more equal" than others.
Water ice isn't stable in the sunlight and temperatures at the craters' latitudes, so most likely it sublimated (vaporized) into the atmosphere.
On the relatively somber title composition, the ensemble's passion is sublimated as devotional intensity and thus more transmuted than muted.
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After freezing the substrate is brought into trays in a chamber and by applying a deep vacuum the solvent is sublimated from the solid state directly into the vapor phase.
In a 1928 article suggestively entitled "Beauty Instead of Ashes," Locke describes the "full promise" of African American music as lying in the future production of "sublimated and precious things" after which what he calls "the folk temperament" will scarcely be recognizable.
But it may never reach the viewer, or it may never leave the artist's mind." In Madison Square Park, even if unintentionally, his art becomes more telegraphic than telepathic, signaling just how imperfectly sublimated the city's fears remain.
Every sign that is sublimated by the sacrament already has a natural sign value.
Kaufman quickly figured out that some of the dry ice in the cooler had sublimated, changing from a solid directly into carbon dioxide gas, entering the fruit.
Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) was a gay man who seems to have expressed many of his sublimated sexual desires in stone--David being his most male-adoring creation.
Described by aficionados as a game of skill and sublimated violence, players attempt to hit each other's conkers, tied on the end of a length of string.