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Synonyms for sublimate

Synonyms for sublimate

the product of vaporization of a solid

direct energy or urges into useful activities

make more subtle or refined

remove impurities from, increase the concentration of, and separate through the process of distillation

change or cause to change directly from a solid into a vapor without first melting

vaporize and then condense right back again


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made pure

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This attitude and approach to living may, I postulate, be partially grounded constitutionally in an overactive sympathetic nervous system around which compulsive personality traits evolve in order to organize and sublimate what otherwise would be restive feelings.
Only in the comparably warm Martian summer the carbon dioxide sublimates revealing the planet's eternal ice: a considerably smaller cap of frozen water.
The question is whether schools tend to exacerbate those feelings or to sublimate them to some higher end.
While the title story's narrator investigates an unusual support group that encourages her to sublimate her sexual desire with rich desserts, other stories concern Barbie's publicity-seeking attempt at female bonding ("Barbie Goes to Group Therapy") and a woman who abandons herself to an obsessive romantic infatuation with exercise equipment ("Nautilus").
In the book, serialized earlier in a Sunday newspaper, he demands equal treatment by the Church for regularly married people, livein partners, and gay couples; even pedophiles, he says, should be permitted "to sublimate their urges into creative work with young people.
279) By not investigating institutions besides marriage that sublimate tendencies toward social disorder, Courtwright suggests an inexorable connection between violence and singleness.
At such a close perihelion distance from the Sun, sungrazers are expected to be intensely heated by the Sun, and sublimate not only ice but also silicates and even metals, releasing a tremendous amount of dust.
He has been able to sublimate personal glory for the good of the company,'' Brown said.
A crucial question that remains unexplored is whether she chose strategically to sublimate her individual self in this way because she understood that the story of her young female self may have been devalued in anti-lynching activist circles.
In such conditions, liquid water would quickly sublimate into the atmosphere and out into space.
Ceruse, a base for fucus or red paint, was made of white lead and vinegar, and sublimate of mercury, used for whitening the skin, was also a dangerous substance.
But the jury's still out on biology, and it's certainly still out on whether talk therapy can make you straight or just make you sublimate.
It is a difficult change to identify -- the time at which the ice actually starts to sublimate, or vaporize, and free the dust that forms a comet's visible coma.
During spring, the deposits sublimate (vaporize), becoming a substantial source of water vapour, in particular in the northern hemisphere of the planet.
To run a subsidiary successfully an American executive should be able to sublimate his or her ego and be responsive to the parent company's vision for the operation.