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(biology) a taxonomic group comprising a major division of a kingdom

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Accordingly, some authors have argued that the flora of Hainan and other areas of southern China should be placed within the Indo-Malesian floristic subkingdom (Zhu & Roos, 2004).
A catalogue of all the Recent species of shells included under the subkingdom "Mollusca".
protozoal--Any of a subkingdom or phylum of animals containing microscopic, single-celled organisms that reproduce typically by binary fission.
With that reservation, I certainly can recommend this very pretty, inexpensive volume to all who fancy making at least occasional forays into the enchanted subkingdom of fluorescent minerals.
Once in control, the Carolingian kings brought political change to Bavaria, now a subkingdom within a larger empire.
The eldest son of King Egbert of Wessex; made ruler of the subkingdom of Kent (including Sussex, Essex, and Surrey) (825); king of all Wessex on his father's death (839), he was engaged in warfare with the Danes during most of his reign; defeated by them in a naval battle (842), he had his revenge in a great victory at Oakley (851); made a pilgrimage to Rome with his youngest son Alfred (later King Alfred the Great) (856); married Judith, daughter of King Charles II (the Bald), at Paris on his way home (late 857?); quarreled with his son Ethelbald over this second marriage, and gave him Wessex proper as a settlement, retaining only his old subkingdom of Kent (858); died in 860.
Once the kingdom and subkingdom reveal themselves, the homeopath needs to find the specific member of the kingdom or subkingdom needed by the patient.
class, subdivision, division/phylum, and subkingdom, with full
The temperate rainforests, the tropical forests, the monsoon forests, the savannahs, and the areas with Mediterranean climates occur in the second subkingdom. The temperate rainforests are located in the southeastern and southwestern tips of Australia and in Tasmania.
Archezoa are now treated, not as a separate kingdom (2, 3), but as a subkingdom of the Protozoa, comprising only the two zooflagellate protozoan phyla, Metamonada and Parabasalia (1), which have no mitochondria and are microaerophilic or anaerobic.