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Synonyms for subjugation

the act of subjugating by cruelty


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the act of conquering

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The interest of his life consisted not only in an ever greater and greater subjugation of his will, but in the attainment of all the Christian virtues, which at first seemed to him easily attainable.
It was mournful, indeed, to witness the subjugation of that vigorous spirit to a corporeal infirmity.
The world's Muslim population has been perturbed in particular by this move as the city of Jerusalem is close to their hearts and its subjugation by Israel cannot be tolerated under any circumstances.
Some may be pampered and coaxed yet many others aren't so lucky when they are chained and beaten into subjugation.
If we think about colonialism as a form of political and economic subjugation, it was also accompanied by the production of a whole body of knowledge that made this subjugation both possible and legitimate.
Summary: Karachi [Pakistan], January 10 (ANI): Nushrat Qureshi, a political activist hailing from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), has unequivocally lambasted PoK President Masood Khan, for decades of complicity of top politicians in the subjugation of the region.
The petition's description said: "We find this extremely disrespectful to the people of Wales and our ancestors who have battled oppression, subjugation and injustice for hundreds of years".
The Minister complimented Kashmiris for their relentless struggle against Indian subjugation and said the day is not far off when they would achieve their destination.
These inmates are subjected to the worst physical torture where their body hair are forcibly plucked out and they are abused and beaten to pulp by using every repressive technique to force them to subjugation.
We no longer have an Empire but France and Germany are still Empire building using subjugation by legislation instead of bullets.
For many Indians, the loss of the Koh-i-Noor is symbolic of India's subjugation under British colonial rule and its return is viewed as partial compensation for centuries of economic exploitation.
The conference provided a comparative approach on the Indigenous, Black and Puerto Rican Liberation movements in the United States and anti-colonial resistance movement in Palestine, and explored the dynamics of subjugation employed by the colonial powers as well as the acts of resistance deployed by Natives, Blacks, Latinos and Palestinians in their freedom struggles.
The collection examines the structural subjugation and condemnation of African and Afro-mixed descent peoples globally within the past 500 years of trans-Atlantic societies of Western modernity in connection to the dehumanization and/or invisibilization within various epistemic formations of the West.
After this long period of big power subjugation, the Afghan people should rise and show to the world that they are an independent and sovereign nation and that they cannot allow others to take strategic advantage of their land.
Now division and subjugation dominate the high quality films being shown in Paris, all of them produced by, and starring, Palestinians.