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judgment based on individual personal impressions and feelings and opinions rather than external facts

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Subjectiveness and objectiveness occur in two different situations.
From the very start, however, the assumption is made that "consciousness is the 'ground' on which the ego manifests itself in all its peculiar objectiveness (being the object of self-knowledge) and at the same time fully experiences its own subjectiveness.
new possibilities of subjectiveness as primarily a/effectuation rather
In this study, the survey tool contained a wide range of self-reported symptoms to assess health status, as the complex toxicology of landfills and the subjectiveness of residents' perceived complaints make it difficult to identify a short list of health problems (Hertzman, Hayes, Singer, & Highland, 1987).
This expression leads to an intelligent stage as a significant effect for social--scientific interests or in other words, the thing objectifiable in subjectiveness.
Observation: for compared analysis opened questions were used and therefore, there were many different answers which lead to subjectiveness of codification and to interpretable answers.
The concept of social quality has, however, come under some criticism, primarily in regards to the ambiguous definitions used to describe the components of social quality and the subjectiveness of attempts to measure of social quality (Phillips, Berman 1999; Svetlik 1999).
He explains how the 'brooding and constantly shifting score dances beneath an accentuated series of aural pinpoints, niggling the senses like the first rising vibes of a nightmare hallucinogen' (6) and somewhat cynically concludes that this atmospheric soundscape is the deliberate response to the subjectiveness of tinnitus: 'Noise builds a disquieting sense of realism and finds in its protagonist's ailment a justification to toy with the surfaces of sound'.
Automated microscopy solutions such as the Clemex PS3 allow walk away operation, minimising the analysis time issue and eliminating operator subjectiveness.
Laarhoven and Pedrycz (1983), Buckley (1985) and Juang and Lee (1991) further extend this approach to accommodate the subjectiveness and imprecision inherent in the pairwise comparison process using fuzzy set theory (Zadeh, 1965, 1973, 1975a, 1975b, 1979).
Because of its subjectiveness, motivation has traditionally been considered a problematic notion for an adequate semantic description.
Truth and subjectiveness of love, behavior and art are called richly into question.
Singer writes in the Introduction to Robert Bly's translation of Hunger that 'European writers know that [Hamsun] is the father of the modern school of literature in his every aspect--his subjectiveness, his fragmentariness, his use of flashbacks, his lyricism.
Heschel can be a humanist or a Barthian as appropriate; we have need of the whole Torah with all its contradictions, debates, and subjectiveness.
Coe questions the worth of literary biography,its subjectiveness, the battle between fact and assumption,in many of the ways Johnson questioned truth and lies in his own work.