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in a subjective way


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The issue of whether a statement is objectively or subjectively false arises in Omnicare because it is a Section 11 matter.
Adding to the feeling of dubious reality that "real" TV shows engender is the fact that TV thrives on conflict, so even the most banal of actual situations and relationships are subjectively tweaked and hyped up to make them more "interesting" and "viewable.
P Carey School of Business at Arizona State, 58% of private-company CFOs' bonuses were based on meeting financial performance goals, 13% were contingent on explicit nonfinancial targets such as customer satisfaction or safety targets, and 27% were awarded subjectively The remaining small percentage were funded in other, unspecified ways.
Performing the subjectively right act seems to indicate that we are disposed, or oriented, in morally appropriate ways.
Chapters offer a blend of hard science and personal experience as they reconsider the nature of dreams and spirituality and offer keys to subjectively exploring reality through behavior patterns.
The Cooperation and Verification Mechanism report could be interpreted subjectively, according to the Romanian official.
Data extracted for 338 Bali mynahs from 34 institutions were analyzed for completeness, correctness, and consistency and subjectively analyzed for accessibility.
Even though surgical technique is believed to be important to the outcome of the operation, key decisions are subjectively and qualitatively performed during surgery, representing a significant gap in the current knowledge of the procedure," said Robert Siston, assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Ohio State University.
This paper develops a view of the common factor between subjectively indistinguishable perceptions and hallucinations that avoids analyzing experiences as involving awareness relations to abstract entities, sense-data, or any other peculiar entities.
The statement asserted the role of media in uncovering faults and shortcomings, relaying the truth subjectively and responsibly, and shedding light on positive and creative initiatives in order to build social values that help build and develop society.
Epistemologically speaking, 'knowledge' is a belief of which one is subjectively sure.
In a study where patients were given ten sessions of acupuncture on points that boost general strength according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the results showed that these patients could walk longer distances, recovered more quickly and tended to feel subjectively less exhausted.
Secondary outcome measures included the participants' subjectively rated pain, perceived incision healing (VAS Scales), and baseline and post-surgical functional health status (SF-36).
In California, concealed-carry permit applicants must demonstrate "good cause," which according to a Knight news release allows agencies to subjectively deny almost all applications.
Central to the question of the effects of television news on audiences is the question of audience interpretation--how viewers subjectively reconstruct the "objective" new content.