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The final two questions on designing instructional units in their subject area that use computers to facilitate learning for students with diverse learning needs, and if teachers in "my" school are well prepared to infuse technology in the curriculum statistically showed no statiscal difference.
The results of the veteran teachers in the master teacher program showed very little use of technology in the subject areas.
The teachers can install a variety of software packages on a computer to use in teaching in their subject areas (mean = 3.
Non-technical subject areas are capped at a maximum of 50 percent of required CE and include: communication skills, word processing, sales, marketing, motivational techniques, negotiation skills, office management, practice management and personnel management.
Designed specifically for high school students who wish to earn college credit before enrollment, Advanced Placement examinations in thirteen subject areas are administered by the College Board, the same organization that gives the Scholastic Aptitude Tests that are required for admission to many universities.
One of the four subject areas set down by the Ministry is "Personal and Social Studies," and in it dimensions of the self, including self-image, self-concept, and self-esteem, figure prominently.
The MSSB committee which produced this working document made a valiant effort to integrate Catholic teaching into the different subject areas, but they had to accept the basic instructional methodology of the Curriculum, and the result was superficiality masquerading as lofty ambition.
The increase of coverage is partially due to the inclusion of interdisciplinary subject areas including African American Studies (507 titles), Asian American Studies (584 titles), Environmental Studies (294 titles), Gender Studies (874 titles), Native American Studies (146 titles), and Urban Studies (374 studies).
All four subject areas are regionally relevant, however each research project will need to be primarily
Despite a push to increase student achievement, schools on average ranked below the national norm in all subject areas.
Preferred subject areas: The most important CPE subject areas for industry members are specialized financial areas of industry, accounting, specific industry sectors and finance as well as current business issues.
Traditional subject areas such as accounting, auditing and taxation qualify for CPE, but so do programs that contribute to the development and maintenance of a wide variety of other professional skills.
A number of the matters and subject areas discussed in this news release that are not historical or current facts deal with potential future circumstances and developments.
Subject areas include: history, education, business, medical, health, technology, and science.
IOS Press is an STM publisher, based in Amsterdam that publishes in a broad range of subject areas, including: business, chemistry, computer science, engineering, life sciences, material science, and math.