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less than human or not worthy of a human being


unfit for human beings

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In spite of the noble words of the Constitution outlawing the 'use of substandard or inadequate penal facilities under subhuman conditions,' our country has institutionalized the use of these forbidden jail facilities against presumed-innocent detainees.
Now I know that as I have black skin, he would have seen me a subhuman like the Jews he killed.
Mr Sullivan added: "What they did, thinking they could get away with it because of awful events nearby, it's subhuman, it is disgusting.
Listen again to The Red And The Black, The Subhuman and a cover of Born To Be Wild.
DeConick's research traces the root of the problem beyond the usual interpretations of scripture, theology, and the social structures of the times to something deeper and much more perverse: the idea that the female body is "naturally deficient," subhuman, and no more than a field to be plowed and seeded by a man in an act of pleasureless sex likely to result in pregnancy, painful childbirth, and possibly even death.
About 150,000 political prisoners in concentration camps across the nation have received subhuman treatment for decades.
Paul Conway sounds like a good and decent man, but I use terms such as towel-head and subhuman for those Muslims who act in a subhuman manner, such as punishing a rape victim, or allowing girls to burn rather than save them, however improperly they were dressed.
Head of the popular committee against the blockade of the Gaza Strip Jamal Al-Khudari told the press that the Israeli cabinet discussions later on easing the blockade on the strip were to mislead the world in regards to the suffering of the Gazans living in subhuman conditions sense summer of 2007.
From the era of segregation and the subhuman treatment of African-Americans in the U.
Chicken pox has been produced in monkeys by direct inoculation of the virus but there appears to be no references in medical history to natural infection such as this among subhuman primates.
IF YOU aren't already addicted to the greatest comedy ever then I look down my nose at you in disgust, you sad, worthless subhuman.
Al Khudari also called for the freedom of all Palestinian prisoners who suffer in subhuman conditions in the prisons of the occupying Israeli government.
You have to attack problems at their root cause and the Palestinian people have been subjected to subhuman treatment for decades and this [the Israeli offensive] is going to make matters worse.
Majority of Filipinos in urban areas continue to live in subhuman conditions.
Gleitzman, the effective narrator, uses his portrayal of the Nazi troops, so cruel as to be almost subhuman, to emphasize the horror of the Holocaust.