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a heading of a subdivision of a text


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Headlines, subheads, and important ideas are often underlined for emphasis.
HEADLINE: Fatter, darker lettering replaced by slimmer lettering with room for two subheads.
Some pay special attention to subheads, tagged as [less than]H1[greater than], [less than]H2[greater than], or [less than]H3[greater than] in HTML.
Use headlines, subheads, and photos that tell strong stories on every page for the readers who will not read the paragraphs of text.
There are fewer readability enhancements, such as callouts and subheads.
Use numbered or bulleted text "as often as you can," and include plenty of subheads to show the logical progression of the information.
Some students divide these steps into major chunks with subheads identifying each chunk.
It would be better to indent the paragraphs, center the subheads, and center the bullet points.
Are subheads used to break long articles into smaller, bite-size chunks?
Your new use of subheads in ink colors other than black livens up the publication and also pulls the reader in.
Fish from Hawaii and the South Pacific, Pacific Northwest, domestic Southeast and mid-Atlantic, California coast, and freshwater denizens from lakes and streams provide the subheads for each fish dish with its price and short preparation description.
Subheads translate "business-speak" to English, defining strategic and tactical planning, for example, as "How are you going to get where you want to go?
When most people read printed material, they read the photo captions and subheads first.
To speed the process of taking in a page of content at a glance--web writers use headlines, subheads, numbered lists, bulleting and hyperlink navigation.
On the page shown, the box at the top, the "&" sign, the numbers in the table of contents, the dingbats, the subheads in the body copy, and the date and page number at the bottom of the page use the second color: for this issue, red.