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a heading of a subdivision of a text


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The subheads, as we call them in the business, will continue to fascinate your audience and make that final push to get readers to read the rest of the copy, the dreaded "tiny type," the meat of your postcard.
Headlines and subheads play a key role in the success of your newsletter.
Segments vary in length, from two to ten pages or so, and there are frequent subheads to divide material into easier-to-access sizes.
You don't have to use subheads to transition from one topic to another; you can create the same effect by using a drop cap or changing the typeface or color of the copy.
03 for the 1st Quarter of 2002, we are advised by a representative of the company that the column subheads in the second part of the last table, "Division Performance" should read "December 31, 2002" rather than "March 31, 2002" for the second column, and "March 31, 2002" rather than "December 31, 2002" for the third column as originally issued inadvertently.
The home page presents the tag line: "Find yourself at SUNY Rockland Community College," but there are no supporting headlines or subheads within the site to add dimension to the theme.
The subheads are true but miss the bigger point, which is hinted at in the BIG headline, which announces, "THINKING INSIDE THE BOX HELPS SODA MAKERS BOOST SALES.
Simon is chef-owner Simon Elmalah, who describes his food as Mediterranean cuisine and subheads it ``Moroccan,'' ``French'' and ``Italian.
As an example, another area grouping, Cultural Growth and Enrichment, has subheads for Fine Art, Crafts, Art Education, Art Museums, Galleries, and Publications.
Some pay special attention to subheads, tagged as [less than]H1[greater than], [less than]H2[greater than], or [less than]H3[greater than] in HTML.
Use headlines, subheads, and photos that tell strong stories on every page for the readers who will not read the paragraphs of text.
To speed the process of taking in a page of content at a glance--web writers use headlines, subheads, numbered lists, bulleting and hyperlink navigation.