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a heading of a subdivision of a text


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In Embase, for example, the subheading "Adverse Drug Reaction" was most relevant to pharmaceuticals, whereas the subheading "Complication" was the most frequently applied in the set of missed nondrug records (38 of out 114 records).
0 and a multi-limbed cross-section, the limbs having a length-to-width aspect ratio of at least 2:1 (provided for in subheading 5504.
On page 23, the third sentence of the second paragraph under the subheading "Flulaval Quadrivalent" should read, "Contraindications and precautions to the administration of Flulaval Quadrivalent are similar to those described for the trivalent formulation of Flulaval (see Contraindications and Precautions for the Use of IIV; Table 2) (345).
A subheading in the magazine indicates what the book's thesis is: "A premier English literary family has gone from arch-Catholicism under Evelyn to agnosticism under Auberon to atheism under Alexander.
The columnar cell variant has since been recognized by the World Health Organization as a distinct entity under the subheading of "aggressive variants" of PTC.
The subheading leaves no doubt that this volume belongs squarely in the "next wave" school--Africa has been devastated by the AIDS epidemic, and Asia must be next.
There will also remain a reference to Walsgrave in the subheading.
I READ with astonishment (and some amusement) the article on Turftrax, summarised in the subheading 'Timing data is our intellectual property, claims outspoken critic' (November 24).
Under a subheading much like one The Advocate might run today, a cover story that ran during the presidential election 12 years ago reveals how little has changed.
In "Strange Fruit in Abu Ghraib: The Privatization of Torture," Michael Niman continues to distort the facts surrounding the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuses and includes an outrageous and, yes, unAmerican subheading, "Rumsfeld Knew About Bush's 'Rape Rooms.
Under the Safety Profile heading, Side Effects subheading of kava the concerns about potential liver toxicity are dealt with by presenting details of a case report available at the time.
The subheading "family life" is further divided into seven sections of one to six pages each, ranging from childbirth, through adoption and divorce, to death.
In addition to better audio quality, digital recordings allow instant access to any page, chapter or subheading in a book with the touch of a button.
Her article about the convention was headlined `Making peace personal', with the subheading, `Jews, Muslims and Christians reach out and discover "the enemy has a face".
The books allow instant access to any page, chapter or subheading with the touch of a button.