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a heading of a subdivision of a text

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subhead lc light M17 light Ironically, this is the tournament that has caused much of the aggravation with the ECB and could yet be the catalyst that ends their relationship.
tracks subhead sty Demoiselle Bond left her previous form well behind and got her head in front for the first time in six starts to take the classified contest at odds of 100-1.
Ours comes with air conditioning and a cup-holder, too." The subhead promised: "RoGator combines all-terrain travel with all the creature comforts."
Our article, "Ripple Effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act" (Accounting & Auditing, February 2004, page 37, column 1, first paragraph under the subhead "Decreased Competitiveness of the Audit Market"), mistakenly stated that Ernst & Young "recently endured a six-month prohibition from accepting new public-company clients." In fact, the administrative law judge overseeing that proceeding has not yet issued a decision in this matter, and no such prohibition has been imposed.
Under the Quality Tests subhead 34[degrees]F/sec (1[degrees]C/sec) should read 37[degrees]F/sec (3[degrees]C/sec).
January/February 2003, "Driving After Dark." Under the subhead, "Fixed Roadway Lighting," the sentence referencing the names of the organizations that completed the study should have read: "FHWA and The Last Resource, Inc., of Bellefonte, PA, recently completed a long-term research project on night driving and highway lighting requirements for older drivers."
A Marketplace section sub-headline in the 8/2/2002 Wall Street Journal says that the "BIG IDEA BEHIND (COCA COLA'S) FRIDGE PACK IS THAT CONSUMERS WILL DRINK MORE WHEN SOFT DRINKS ARE KEPT COLD." Another subhead says "FRIDGE PACK HAS HELPED SODA SALES IN MARKETS WHERE IT IS SOLD." The subheads are true but miss the bigger point, which is hinted at in the BIG headline, which announces, "THINKING INSIDE THE BOX HELPS SODA MAKERS BOOST SALES."
In the Survey Summary of the April 2002 issue of Corrections Compendium, it was incorrectly stated under the Inmate Interviews subhead on Page 7 that "interviews are not permitted under any circumstances in Arizona ..." Face-to-face interviews with inmates in the Arizona Department of Corrections are prohibited, however, telephone interviews are permitted.
The main headlines at the beginning of April were 'Is There a Gay Aesthetic?', Bruce Mau Design, Three Moving Projects, Only Title 'Architecture' (Magazine) Will Stay, 'Safe Rooms' Come Out Of Hiding, Great-Looking Product (Too Bad Nobody Wants It) with the subhead 'why good design is not always good business' and Architect Prays 4 Churches, Builds 'God's Way'.
There, under the subhead "Militarization," the following appears:
Under the subhead Retirement savings/pension relief, the third sentence should read, "Special catch-up contributions for those age 50 or above to all plans including SIMPLEs also increase by an additional $500 in 2002-2005 to $1,000 in 2006 and subsequent years."
In "Safety Measures," (Best's Review, August 2000), your subhead on page 42 used that old saw "trial lawyers" to describe plaintiff's lawyers.
A recent article in the Delaware Law Weekly was headlined "A Sharp Increase in E-company Restructuring Could be Around the Corner," with a subhead, "With the glamorous high tech start-ups falling down, bankruptcy lawyers may see a boom in business." The article offered a long list of Internet startups that are closing their doors or restructuring their business.
* On page 138, third column, under the subhead "Prevention of Emergencies," should read: "If systolic is 140-159 and/or diastolic 90-99 ..." (rather than diastolic 90 - 84).
* Hyperbole Award: The subhead of an AP story by Calvin Woodward on the Presidential race, which appeared in the March 10 Wisconsin State Journal: "Analysts Say Voters May Face Profound Ideological Differences Between the Two Presidential Candidates." And who were these analysts?