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a distinct and often subordinate group within a group

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(mathematics) a subset (that is not empty) of a mathematical group

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Subgrouping of fibromyalgia patients on the basis of pressure-pain threshold and psychological factors.
Subgrouping conclusions are made by considering all of these data.
Austroasiatic subgrouping and Prehistory in the Malay Peninsular.
But Zenko's roost at CFR is with a small subgrouping called the Center for Preventive Action, notable in that its purpose is to promote vigorous and active diplomacy.
Unfortunately, there are no such markers for subgrouping TNBCs.
The announcement of a subgrouping follows other geographically-oriented military units created by Asaib Ahl al- Haq during the Iraq war, such as the group's Kataib Imam Hassan al-Askari, which primarily operated in Diyala Province.
Formalized as a committee or not, any subgrouping that creates distortion diminishes the capacity of the whole.
An anonymous student has written a letter expressing concern about the handling (or lack of handling) of issues related to race/culture within classroom discussions, as well as issues of subgrouping and isolation of the student in question.
The widespread use of monoclonal antibodies for routine subgrouping of L.
Subgrouping, Circularity and Extinction: some Issues in Austronesian Comparative Linguistics.
A fourth case subgrouping variable was newly derived by ADDM clinicians based on a review of the entire composite record; clinicians classified cases as AD, requiring documented symptoms corresponding to DSM-IV-TR criteria for AD, or ASD-NOS, requiring fewer or less severe symptoms and including Asperger's disorder and pervasive developmental disorder.
Subgrouping and cluster designation of the NSF O157 strains resulted in 18 cluster 1 strains, 1 cluster 2 strain, and 17 cluster 3 strains.
Ackermann et al have provided a histological subgrouping of the Unicystic Ameloblastoma as shown in (Table 1) and a diagrammatic representation of the same shown in (Fig.