subfamily Papilionoideae

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alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Papilionaceae

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According to embryological data (Johri et al., 1992), considerable information is available on this family, with greater emphasis on subfamily Papilionoideae. Although anatomy, pollen morphology and the chromosome number were most widely analyzed in Lathyrus genus, which belongs to Papilionoideae, male and female gametophyte development was not noticeable.
On the other hand, developmental and cytochemical features will be the object of fertilization and embryo growth investigations in Lathyrus thereby in subfamily Papilionoideae. Moreover, embryo sac features will provide useful characters in assessing relationships within this genus and family.
A large proportion of these belong to the subfamily Papilionoideae. Genera such as Astragalus, Dalea, and Desmodium, as well as members of the other two subfamilies, such as Acacia, Mimosa, and Senna contribute to the great number of species.