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Synonyms for subdivision

one of the parts into which something is divided

a part of a family, tribe, or other group, or of such a group's language, that is believed to stem from a common ancestor

Synonyms for subdivision

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Further, 75% of the respondents in the survey of subdivision investors stated that they do not adjust the discount rate in their DCF analyses if it is leveraged compared with a free-and-clear analysis (i.e., consistent with the all-cash premise of market value).
Instead, the majority of the new gated subdivisions are marketed to the middle and upper middle class.
Still, the challenging battles against boss characters or huge vessels lend some variety, and help make Subdivision an easily accessible and enjoyable bout of star wars.
And we are told that for houses that big in residential subdivision still that close to the city's downtown the going rate of monthly amortization ranges from P5,000 to P8,000 over a period of 25 years.
Approval of The Hill Phase III subdivision, managed by Doug Bradley, came under old business.
In subdivision (b), allows an advanced trial seminar to substitute for the jury trial requirement.
Subscribers have demanded stern action against lower line staff of the company, who have remained at the same subdivision for years.
For example, if a political subdivision does not meet any one of the tests, and it uses a facility financed with tax-exempt bonds that were issued by another entity, those bonds could become private activity bonds and thus taxable.
CORRECTION: 20160406 The home lots in Steve Lee's Addyson Creek subdivision are .13 acres to .32 acres in size, while the houses will be approximately 1,500 to 3,000 square feet.
The Lewiston Town Board last week gave preliminary approval for a 27 lot subdivision of a 14 acre parcel located behind homes around the 4200 block of Lower River Rd.
Tehseen Ul Haq has been promoted and posted as SDO Pesco Risal Pur Sub Division,Muhammad Latif Khattak has been promoted and posted as Assistant Manager Pesco Head Quarters, Niaz Ali Khan has been promoted and posted as SDO Pesco NowsheraII subdivision, Maqbool Jan has been promoted and posted as Assistant Manager Workshop Nowshera, Shahid Ali has been promoted and posted as SDO Pesco NowsheraI subdivision,Yousaf Hussain posted as SDO Pesco Urban subdivision Charsadda, Badar Munir has been posted as SDO Pesco Bakhshali Sub Division, Muhmood Nawaz has been promoted and posted as SDO ConstructionII subdivision Peshawar.
Subdivision schemes define an object through recursivesubdivision starting from an initial control polyhedron.These schemes generate control polyhedron from its predecessor using a group of topological and geometric rules.
"Titingnan kung paano maire-regulate ang exorbitant fees ng mga subdivision (HLURB is studying how to regulate these exorbitant fees being charged by some subdivisions)," he added.
Subdivision schemes are efficient algorithmic methods in approximation theory, computer aid geometric design, and wavelet construction; see [1, 2] and references therein.