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Synonyms for subdivision

one of the parts into which something is divided

a part of a family, tribe, or other group, or of such a group's language, that is believed to stem from a common ancestor

Synonyms for subdivision

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And residential development can get underway in a 16-lot subdivision near Hope Vale to help address similar housing issues.
If you are a homeowner in a single family home in a subdivision built after 2009 that has noticed issues with your home's plumbing, exterior siding, or stucco, your roof, hardwood flooring, windows, or electrical system, and you have put off doing anything about it, please call us at 866-714-6466, and we will try to determine if you are not the only one in your subdivision with these issues.
It also advised the people to get information about the legality of the housing scheme / land subdivision and status of plot(s) from the Lahore Development Authority.
20 to submit an amendment to the approved subdivision plan that includes proposed changes to address those issues.
The Edgar and Riverview subdivisions have now received draft plan approval from the county for their total build-outs after water restrictions had put both plans on hold for about five years.
Within subdivision (a), Meetings, revises to improve language and adds that the BLSE chair will disseminate a meeting calendar to BLSE members at the beginning of the fiscal year.
Almost anywhere you turn in the Valley, you can see bulldozers clearing land for new subdivisions.
2 the Laplacian energy of the line graph of the subdivision graph of the tadpole graph [T.
We find that private acreage positively affects prices, but so does subdivision open space.
A variety of case studies are presented throughout the text to illustrate the application of subdivision valuation methodology.
A "typical" subdivision today is touched by many hands and must pass muster at different stages of development.
Kilgour confirms new subdivisions are coming on line with 30 mid-priced lots planned for the Kingsway subdivision near the future North Bay expressway and 40 lots are planned for the Thelma subdivision in West Ferris.
VAL VERDE - A new version of the proposed Green Valley Ranch subdivision includes fewer homes, but it remains under attack by detractors who maintain it's still too big for this bucolic town.
Third: The development activities, such as obtaining subdivision entitlements and constructing the improvements, should be performed by the S corp as the developer--not the selling partnership.
Over the past decade, however, within the Greater Toronto area there has been a convergence of the two functions, where the entire subdivision process, infrastructure and house construction, is completed under the same corporate umbrella.