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(computer science) a directory that is listed in another directory

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The asterisk at the end of the URL is a wildcard that allows us to add the entire uima/ subdirectory.
By looking in this subdirectory, it is possible to look at and restore files that have been deleted, but not purged from the recycle bin.
Create and name a subdirectory, using unique naming convention, in sequential order.
Every time you go to open a test bank or exam, it defaults to the MicroTest subdirectory, rather than to the subdirectory you last used to open a file.
A Web page dies every time that one or more files on a Web server have their names changed, their location in the subdirectory structure moved, or their host names modified.
I also like to see what subdirectory they are being stored in and change it if necessary.
But by clicking on entries in the subdirectory such as "Japanese" and "French", browsers are carried straight to the names they want.
The Install program creates the necessary subdirectory, loads the program, and changes some crucial files after which the program can be started with a double click of the mouse.
Type the directory, subdirectory and file in the "Run" dialog box (in this case, c:\cserve\download\acroread.
Select the subdirectory /pub/publications, then subdirectory mmwr.
Roesch programs the system to restrict access not by user, but by activity or type of file, application, and subdirectory.
While you're in that subdirectory at NYSERNET, by the way, there are several other good, introductory guides--including a copy of "Zen and the Art of the Internet.
Also DOS places a hidden entry (meaning it can not be seen by the standard DOS "DIR" command) in the root directory which includes the starting cluster number for each file and subdirectory in the root directory.
Within applications, however, the scrolling file lists displayed by an Open File command will always be sorted alphabetically, thus presenting an inconsistent view of the subdirectory when compared with the user-controlled window view.
Establishing a subdirectory for the development of spreadsheets and programs is a good method to eliminate the chance of accidentally modifying a perfected program.