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The major branches of the trigeminal nerve in the face are located close to the surface of the skull and can be stimulated either with non-invasive external electrodes, as we used in this trial, or with minimally invasive subcutaneous electrodes," Cook said.
He added that some patients may prefer to have miniature subcutaneous electrodes implanted under the skin rather than applying new electrodes daily.
Neither single pulse stimuli nor trains of pulses up to 400 Hz elicited consistent EODs, despite the fact that they repeatedly and consistently elicited large motor neuron responses, as indicated by movement and electromyograms (EMGs) recorded via the subcutaneous electrodes planted in the tail.
When measured across the rostrocaudal length of the electric organ by implanted subcutaneous electrodes, the EOD of both R.
Contract notice: Delivery of subcutaneous electrodes, extension cables - 2 packets.
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