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There was an abrupt interface with the normal surrounding tissue, and there was no associated skin thickening or subcutaneous edema (Figure 3).
Subcutaneous edema and adherence of the skin to subcutis and subcutaneous muscles was also noted in these areas, which also contained moderate numbers of whitish plaques and nodules up to 3-4 mm in greatest dimension.
Morris (1987) also reported that horses between 3 and 10 years age were mainly affected with cutaneous vasculitis and subcutaneous edema of the limbs, body, and/or head was the predominant clinical sign.
Ultrasonography examination showed a diffuse subcutaneous edema without abscess.
Hydrops fetalis describes the fetus with generalized subcutaneous edema and fluid collections in some or all serous cavities.
T2-weighted images showed a high intensity only in the left soleus muscle with light swelling and subcutaneous edema of the medial calf.
At Phase 1, pockets of subcutaneous edema, or fluid, can be seen, starting near the bone (figure, A).
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