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inflammation of a breast (or udder)

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Assessment of chemical and electrolyte profile as an indicator of subclinical mastitis in riverine buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), Har.
Cell counts in bovine milk, causes of variation and applicability for diagnosis of subclinical mastitis.
Signifcance of differential somatic cell counts in milk for the diagnosis of subclinical mastitis in buffaloes using fore milk and strippings milk.
However, percentage of MDR bacteria determined in present study is in agreement with the published results of subclinical mastitis in goats by Boscos et al.
Milk samples were collected from chronic subclinical mastitis cows identified by <200,000 cells/cc of the last two somatic cell count (SCC) measurements or clinical mastitis cows at sample collection date.
Outbreak of subclinical mastitis in a flock of dairy goats associated with atypical Staphylococcus haemolyticus.
All the lactating cattle after one month of calving were screened for subclinical mastitis.
The aim of the study was to investigate the relationships between the electrical conductivity of milk in different milking phases with subclinical mastitis and productivity of cows.
Glutathione peroxidase activity and its relationship with somatic cell count, number of colony forming units and protein content in subclinical mastitis cows milk.
In-depth study of buffalo milk characteristics and the need for further research for standardizing methods that assist in diagnosing and controlling measures of mastitis guided this study, with the objective to assess the microbiological and cellular profile of milk for the diagnosis of Subclinical Mastitis in buffaloes and to assess risk factors for disease predisposition.
Herd- and cow-level risk factors associated with subclinical mastitis in dairy farms from the high plains of the northern Antioquia, Colombia.