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(biology) a taxonomic category below a class and above an order

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Finally, the third rumoured "Destiny" subclass is "The Trapper.
However, this third subclass still remains a rumour.
We determined the proteotypic peptides specific for each IgG subclass, total IgG, and horse IgG using the FASTA IgG data published in the UniProt database (www.
We prepared calibrators and controls by serially diluting IgG Subclass Standard or IgG Sub Low Control in bovine serum.
Each subclass has different biological characteristics (2) and a particular profile of effector functions (3).
Moreover, there is a relationship between IgG subclass levels and severity of diseases (9), (10).
The overall incidence of IgG subclass deficiency found in the IgA deficient group was 18.
Key words: Selective IgA deficiency, lgG subclass deficiencies, Mannose-binding lectin deficiency, Infections
c) Subclass 3: All Class Members who worked shifts of at least six hours during the Class Period whose time records show a meal period after the fifth hour of work [the "LATE MEAL-PERIOD SUBCLASS"].
d) Subclass 4: All Class Members who were not reimbursed for all work-related non-commute mileage during the Class Period [the "NON-COMMUTE MILEAGE SUBCLASS"].
The notes are part of the Citiseries subclass of notes in CCCIT, which is a multiple issuance series.