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not made up of or divided into cells



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To overcome these challenges, my lab devised a new technique to study the mechanics of load-bearing monolayers under well-controlled mechanical conditions while allowing imaging at subcellular, cellular and tissue resolutions.
The FRET probe that we are currently using to measure subcellular cAMP signaling events in PMVECs is H188-2.
Using the same analysis tools, the investigators were able to quantitatively match the subcellular, cellular, and supracellular architecture of the jellyfish musculature with the rat heart muscle cells.
Tim Coughlin, chair of the mass and toxic tort group at Thompson Hine, expects to see plaintiffs invoke the subclinical or subcellular standard more and more.
By applying selected promoters and targeting signals, fluorescent protein biosensors can be introduced into an intact organism and directed to a host of specific tissues, cell types, as well as subcellular compartments to enable an unprecedented focus on monitoring a variety of physiological processes.
the number and subcellular morphology of photoreceptor cells (PRCs), their spatial distribution and the physical dimensions and arrangements of their photoreceptor membranes.
N-terminal phosphorylation of DAT is involved in dopamine efflux and subcellular distribution, but the DAT amino acid residues, protein kinases and protein phosphatases involved in this process are not known.
Electron tomography and related methods of 3-D electron microscopy can fill this imaging gap and reveal fine subcellular structures and virus-host interactions in great detail.
addressing subcellular damage is limited and has not yet addressed the
ABSTRACT The subcellular fractionation of the digestive gland cells of the common cuttlefish Sepia officinalis was performed to investigate the distribution of metals between organelles and cytosol and the different cytosolic fractions separated by gel-filtration chromatography.
The LAMP sequence causes an antigen, to which it is attached, to be taken up by the lysosomal subcellular compartment of the cell, an action that has been shown to increase presentation on MHC class II molecules, which in turn, can produce greater CD4+ T-cell responses against the antigen and a more potent and longer lasting overall immune response.
This is the first nanotube-based sensor that can detect analytes at the subcellular level," said Michael Strano, a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of Illinois.
Her project involves the computational prediction and analysis of subcellular localization of bacterial proteins.
A better understanding of subcellular microorganism chemistry, specifically sporulation, might also help authorities neutralize bioterrorism threats before they become a problem.