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Synonyms for subaquatic

growing or remaining under water

partially aquatic

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Corresponding author: Alireza Asgari, Aerospace and Subaquatic Medicine Faculty, Aerospace Medicine Research Center, AJA University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, IR Iran.
Based on the present day distribution and habitat of these groups, it can be tentatively suggested that the plants were living in terrestrial to subaquatic, temperate and tropical or subtropical environments [30] and the climate was warm to warm humid at various topographic levels during the deposition of the Datta Formation in the Salt Range.
The high stability distinguishes those landscapes which are characterized by autonomous and subaquatic mode, unimportant inclination (0-15 degrees), which are represented on the slope of North or East exposition.
Dr Edmonds is the one of the authors of Diving and Subaquatic Medicine, 4th ed, (213) a medical reference work on diving medicine and he has published extensively on issues relating to scuba diving.
The consequences of the pollution for subaquatic life and also the need to create alternatives to the direct disposal of waste in rivers, the sea and lagoons are indicated.
The lake's geochemistry is unusual, largely as a consequence of local subaquatic springs that absorb carbon dioxide from the regions volcanic soil and feed the gas into Kivu's deepest waters.
Initial work was a sea-bed survey by the famed French subaquatic explorer, Jacques Cousteau.
We're hoping our subaquatic Santa will add a festive twist to the experience and will prove to youngsters there really isn't anywhere Father Christmas can't deliver presents
Now and again, someone quits the team by writing a cancel-my-subscription letter and damning NCR as pond scum, with me in the subaquatic waters below.
There's even a subaquatic trek of waters around the Galapagos islands.
A taxonomic revision of the new world subaquatic genus Neochetina.
The aquatic and subaquatic families, Saldidae and Leptopodidae.
Gil Koplovitz, a man who was working underwater in the strip club's vicinity, rediscovered the empty subaquatic strip joint and took a number of mesmerizing pictures of his find.