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To calculate the score of the reasoning tests, the gross scores, consisting of the sum of scores in each sub-test, were converted into Normalized Standard Scores (NSS).
Although the ARAT sub-test number 2 study endpoint was not met as some responses came later than the three-month target, the result is nonetheless highly encouraging.
It is interesting to note that the rate of increase with grade varies depending upon the sub-test with VR displaying a pattern of steady increase over the series.
Producer of fine ceramics Kyocera Corporation (NYSE:KYO) (TOKYO:6971) revealed on Wednesday the passing of the major sub-tests of the new Long-Term Sequential Test performed by TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd, for its main 210-watt solar module.
Sub-Test Areas (unsuccessful candidates, most to least difficult areas) CCE (Executive) Change (12%)* Operational oversight (30%) Manage human resources (20%) Leadership (30%) General (8%) CCM (Manager) Manage offenders (15%) Develop/maintain expertise (15%) General (10%) Manage department (25%) Manage human resources (20%) Enhance internal/external environment (15%) CCS (Supervisor) Interact with offenders (12%) Develop expertise and general (18%) Supervise human resources (43%) Enhance internal environment (27%) CCO (Officer) Manage offenders (10%) Ethics/law (19%) Control/offender movement (23%) Knowledge about (26%) Maintain health, safety and sanitation and communicate (5%) General skills/equipment control (18%) * Percentages represent percent of exam questions in each sub-area.
Measures of literacy using a word recognition sub-test, a reading comprehension sub-test and a spelling sub-test taken from the Wechsler Objective Reading Dimensions (WORD) are also taken.
To test the prediction that age would moderate the relationship of HRT use and memory, the interaction of age and HRT use was tested in a series of hierarchical regression equations with each RBMT-E sub-test profile score and total profile score as the criterion variable.
Thus, on the WISC-R, the African students were -1.81 SD below American norms (-1.58 SD with the vocabulary sub-test excluded).
The dependent variable was the Professional Developments scores on the ExCET, and the predictor (independent) variables were college grade-point-average (GPA); TASP (Texas Academic Skills Program) scores (math, reading, and writing); the Nelson-Denny Reading Test (scale score); the Cornell Critical Thinking Test scores (7 individually scored sub-test variables); age; and gender.
The Stories sub-test is designed to assess immediate verbal memory through immediate recall of stories.
They argue that the test assesses fluid intelligence, which is strongly associated with g factor, as well as some specific factors at the sub-test content level.
The 45 juveniles in the selected sample showed overall gains in each of the four sub-test areas of reading behavior as measured by the GORT 3.
At each grade level, the assessment consisted of a 48-item test with three 16-item sub-test sets aligned to the essential focal points at that grade level.
Jensen provides additional evidence based on Wechsler sub-test g loadings indicating that the vector of g loadings is correlated with the vector of heritability values for Wechsler sub-tests.