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We are asking only that the United States exercise its high international bully pulpit to reproach or condemn India for its chilling human rights record in Kashmir as part of a campaign of moral suasion and transparency in the disputed territory.
Delany's faith in moral suasion thrust practical education to the center stage of his philosophy of education.
But while they possessed moral suasion, they lacked political strength (p.
Although the board does not have statutory powers, the RBI has ensured that banks adhere to its regulation through moral suasion and urging banks to become BCSBI members.
Lead-off keynoter Jonathan Haidt explains why scientific studies fail to persuade people to change their views, and the meaning behind his enigmatic prouncement that, "The trick to per- suasion is to talk to the elephant first.
Moral suasion refers to a policy in which the government or the Central bank uses persuasion rather than regulatory force to convince financial sector participants to take a particular action.
com)-- API Funds, a select family of mutual funds using time-honored investment principles and award-winning research, today announced that it has engaged Suasion Resources, a specialized marketing consulting firm that focuses solely on the financial services industry.
Our behavior may be intelligible on some level, but it is not controlled by intellect and for the most part is not open to the suasion of reason.
However, he said the probe was no reason for him to relinquish his post since Saipem was a completely independent entity and Eni could do nothing more than exercise moral suasion, Reuters said.
3) Indirectly inducing (via moral suasion in our view) the two largest public banks and Commercial International Bank (CIB) to raise long-term deposit rates by 50-100 bps
Mort never deviated from her commitment to Garrisonian moral suasion as the only righteous path to ending slavery.
Churches and their councils are voluntary organizations, and church leadership is based upon moral suasion, which lacks enforcement measures.
Such matters aren't settled by political brawls; a much larger project of suasion is required.
Moral suasion proved to be useless, because everyone was already convinced of the moral rightness of the cause.
However, Palmer says that "backed by the G-20, it exercises powerful moral suasion and has shown that it can exercise significant influence over the standard setters, such as the Basel Committee, which has been the vehicle for strengthening banking capital standards.