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  • verb

Synonyms for stylize

to make conventional

Synonyms for stylize

represent according to a conventional style

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It demonstrates its thesis: that the blues hero can stylize a variety of influences into his own voice.
XHTML enables Business Wire members to stylize and optimize their news," said Tamraz.
We didn't have as much time or money as some of our colleagues at other studios do, so we had to stylize and simplify quite a bit.
When Dibble and Vaccaro meet head to head, you expect blood, yet Tharp stylizes their duel with slicing hands and the clicking of heels.
The section of Bolero seen in rehearsal on a videotape (mostly of the Dancer) shows that although Nijinska was not interested in reproducing Spanish dance, the choreography for the Dancer, wearing character shoes, stylizes certain Spanish shapes and qualities--the body's honest weight, the arms wreathing the waist front and back, quick turns, backbends, and skittering foot stamps.